Common Sleeping Positions for Dogs and What They Mean

Since adult dogs sleep around 8-14 hours per day (and even more for senior dogs) and puppies sleep around 18-20 hours per day, you probably get to see all the different sleeping poses of your pooch. Did you know there may be meaning behind these different sleeping positions? Read on to learn more about what these sleeping positions may be telling us!


The Donut Position

This position is when your dog curls up tightly in a ball with his legs close to his body, nose near his back legs and tail curling over his body. A dog sleeping in this position may be trying to protect themselves from their surroundings. They may be a stray dog or a dog who is uncomfortable in their current environment. Sleeping in this position is also a great way for your pooch to regulate their body temperature.


The Superman Position

This sleeping position refers to your dog sleeping on its stomach with his back legs straight out behind him and his front legs stretched forward. These dogs typically have a lot of energy and are very playful. Because of this, the superman position is a common sleeping position for most puppies.Sleeping like this allows your dog to quickly get up at a moment’s notice during a light sleep!


The Side Sleeper

One of the most common sleeping positions, this position means your dog is very relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings. As the name sounds, it literally means your dog is sleeping on his side with his legs extended outward. Since your dog is exposing his belly (a vulnerable part of his body), he feels safe, relaxed, happy and at a comfortable temperature.


The Burrower Position

If your dog loves to sleep under blankets, pillows and clothing then he is a burrower. Dogs who love to sleep in the burrower position are seeking warmth, comfort and safety.


The Belly Up Position

This position refers to your dog laying on his back with his belly exposed and all four legs in the air. This position often looks uncomfortable, but believe it or not, it is the most comfortable position for your dog, especially puppies. If your dog sleeps in this position, he is extremely comfortable with his environment and probably a very loving dog.


The Lion’s Pose

This position is when your dog sleeps with his head either in between or on top of his front paws. They can also sleep in this position by resting their back legs to the side. These dogs are usually alert, loyal and caring towards their owners. Sleeping in this position allows your dog to easily sleep, however they can wake quickly if necessary.


The Cuddler Position

Dogs who love to sleep next to their owners or other dogs are known as cuddlers. By sleeping next to others, they are seeking warmth and security. Sleeping as a cuddler is a sign of love, affection and bonding from your dog and these dogs tend to love everyone they meet.



Your dog’s sleeping positions and sleeping habits can tell you a lot about their personality as well as their physical and mental well-being. Dog owners should be aware of their dog’s sleeping habits/positions and consult a veterinarian if they notice anything unusual, since sleeping in unusual positions could be an indication of an illness.


Always provide your dog with a comfy bed, cool temperatures, as well as water nearby to ensure your dog gets the necessary sleep he deserves!



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