Employment FAQ’s

Before applying for a pet sitting/dog walker position, please review all information to ensure this position will be a good fit for you.
Do you offer Full-time Employment, 40 hours per week?
No, we do not. Please do not apply if you are looking for Full-time employment. All of our work is on as we need you basis.
Is this a good job if I have a lot of bills to pay?
No, this job is best suited for someone just wanting to supplement their income.
If I currently have a Full-time should I apply?
If you can work mornings, evenings and weekends, we can typically work around Full-time jobs.
How far will I be driving and do I need a car or can I walk/run/bike or use a relative or friend to take me?
You will need an automobile as well as the ability to drive an automobile for this job. No relatives or friends can take you back and forth to a pet visit. After your initial probation, we work to schedule your pet sitting/dog walking within 10 miles of your home.
Do I need a smartphone and how much will I use my phone?
A smartphone and how to use one is a requirement for this job. You will need a phone for both calls, emails and text messages. Your communications will most frequently be via text messages and emails to and from our office staff. You will also use an App to check in and out of client homes and a phone App to communicate with our clients.
Do you accept aggressive pets?
No, we do not to the best of our knowledge. And all clients and pets are prescreened for your safety.
How long do we stay at each client home?
Standard visits are 20-60 minutes depending on the pet and the client request.
Who tells me what time I must be at the home for the pet visits?

We have time blocks, and you also will be given time variables by the client and/or office.

Will I always be busy?
There will be some weeks when you are quite busy, other times will be very quiet, and you will have a lot more free time. Our peak periods are during spring break, summer months and the holidays.
Can I accept or decline an assignment?

You may accept or decline the assignment. If you accept, you are obligated and expected to complete the assignment. You can only decline a client based on scheduled time off. We do not accept aggressive pets.

Will I not be able to enjoy any Holiday time or must I work the whole day?
Since this type of job has flexibility throughout the day/night, you would be responsible for making sure to schedule in some time during holidays to spend time with family, friends.
How many assignments can I take on?
You will have the flexibility to take on as many assignments as you would like. If you have times you are unable to work, they should be updated in the requested schedule time off.  Schedules vary from day to day and week to week depending on the needs of our clients. You could work intervals of several consecutive weeks, and then be off one week. Jobs are assigned on an as we need you basis. At any given time you may be handling only one assignment up to multiple assignments per day.
Can I have someone accompany me on any of my Dog Walks, Pet Sits, or Overnights?
No. Only you are insured and approved by the client to enter their home and care for their pets. Adults, children, and other pets ARE NOT permitted to enter homes or participate in walks due to safety and liability issues. Adults can ride along with you as long as they stay outside the home and wait in the car during the visit and walk. They are not allowed to step foot, etc. on clients property or premises. We never know how a pet will react to a child or another adult or animal they do not know.
Will I be paid by the hour?
No, you are paid a fee per completed assignment.
Will this be a permanent position?
No, you will be working on an as we need you basis and work is sporadic. We are an at-will employer.
Can I have my own clients?
We are only looking to hire employees interested in providing pet sitting and dog walking as a 2 Paws Up Inc employee. If you currently own or are planning a competing company, this is a conflict of interest, and we would not be interested in hiring you.
Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?

All 2 Paws Up Inc staff are hired as employees. As such, 2 Paws Up Inc carries workers compensation insurance and pays employer payroll taxes, as well as unemployment insurance. Many companies in the dog walking and pet sitting industry misclassify their staff as independent contractors in violation of IRS and Georgia Employment Commission guidelines. We do not.

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