What Are The Most Popular Pet Birds for Pet Owners?

Care and Love for Your Bird

Birds are becoming incredibly popular now, and there are many reasons for this from the fact that there are over 16.2 million people who currently own them. They are great pets and are a lot of company. However, they can require a lot of upkeep and can even sometimes outlive their owners. What that means is that there needs to be a lot of thought before someone buys a bird as to the needs of the pet as well as what you plan to do if you have other pets as well. These are large animals, and they require to be cared for in the same way that cats and dogs do so that means that you need to make sure that you are ready for the commitment if you are planning on becoming a bird parent.

Common Types of Pet Birds


These are very popular birds that have a lot of personalities and that are also great for families that have kids. They are easy to get along with, and they are also great companions. These birds can live around 20 years, and they also can interact with their owners. They need to have a relatively large cage, and that will ensure that they can have many options as well as know that they can have fresh food and that there is food that is there for them. The birds also need to have exposure to light, and that is to make sure that they have enough vitamin D. In addition to that, they can live alone, and they do not need friends and other birds. They just need to make sure that they have stimulation from their owners or the radio or another source. That also means that these are great pets for people who live alone and they do not have a hard time being alone.


These are also known as Budgies or Parakeets, and they are small and easy to care for. They live at a maximum of 13 years, and they need a small cage. They are fun and enjoy play and a great with children. They only need to have pellet food, water, and some fresh fruit from time to time. They love to snack, and they need to have the sun to make sure that they can produce vitamin D. They are social, and they enjoy being able to play with other birds. They live well and want to ensure that they can be social. You want to make sure that you take them out of the cage at least 1x a day and play with them. They love to be with the family as well as entertain and whisper and chirp. They are also able to speak and repeat words which are a treat for all.

African Grey Parrots

Parrots are great, and they are super smart, and that means that they need to be socialized and need to spend time with their families. It is important to make sure that they are out of their cage and that they can spend time with their family throughout the course of the day. You need to ensure that they can bond with one family member. They can live for over 40 years, and that means that they need to have a large cage as well as that they need to make sure that they have a lot of intellectual stimulation. They need to be cared for as well as they need to have access to many games and many other kinds of toys. When it comes to parrots, they do not like to share their cages, and they like to be alone in the house. That means that they need always to be treated like they are smart and they are valuable members of the family. They are great pets for those who want to spend time with them, and that means that they are great at crunching hard items like wood and also nuts. They are not a great pet for those who have small children. Parrots are a very long-term commitment, and that means that they need to be cared for as such, there is no reason that they should ever be thought of as anything less than a new member of the family.

What types of birds do you own, and tell us why in the comments below? Do you have a pet bird question? Ask, and we will do our best to find the answer.



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  1. Donna Beeman

    I want to know if anything can be done for 2 parrots that go from their small inside perch to another small outside perch. They have no toys and the staff do not interact with them. Very heartbreaking.


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