2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Daily In-Your-Home Pet Visits

Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Exotics

A 2 Paws Up Inc pet sitting employee will come to your home and spend time feeding, caring for, and loving on all your precious pets. A typical pet sitting visit is 30 minutes, however, it’s not uncommon for our clients to request two-hour visits for their precious pets. We also are available to provide you with all-day doggie/cat sitting. It’s like babysitting only for your pets. Who do we care for? We care for pets from puppies and kittens, birds, chickens to small exotics as well as senior pets all in the comfort of your home.

All visits include feeding, and giving fresh water, medications, spending time playing games, snuggles, and/or going for a walk. We will bring in the mail and any packages, rotate lights, take the trash to and from the curb, water plants, and other little things to keep your home looking lived in and tidy. Each time we visit you will receive an email journal with pictures of your pets. We scoop litter boxes and follow other instructions with plenty of time for love and snuggles.

Please note a minimum of two visits a day is needed for all dogs. Not every animal needs daily care and we understand that. Please note however that we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to a pet on the days that we do not visit. We cannot be held responsible for pets left outside or have access to a doggie door.

overnight pet sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting is a great service for multiple pet households, as well as:

  • Puppies – puppies up to 1 year old typically have not developed a fully charged immune system
  • Senior Dogs – starting at 8 years old, senior dogs do not need to be exposed to airborne diseases and shouldn’t be jumped on or rough-housed by other dogs
  • Dogs who are not good candidates for overcrowding, noisy and “pack” exposure of a boarding facility

 Allowing your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home helps to reduce stress and exposure to disease, and even injury from other dogs. Our trusted employee will stay in your home overnight, keeping pets happy and safe, while providing snuggles and loving care. Our highest priority is your pets well-being.


*BOOK EARLY – This overnight pet sitting service is in high demand!

Providing True Peace of Mind by Keeping Your Pets Safe, Healthy and Happy!

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