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Do you want your dog to: 


Stop barking, chewing, or jumping?


Listen when you call them or give them a command?


Walk nicely on leash without pulling or barking?


Have a solid training foundation for obedience and love as a dog?


Stop having accidents in the house?

Dog Training Programs


Dog Training - Recall Program

Come Every Time Recall Program

Imagine taking your dog to the off-leash beach or park and allowing them the freedom to run and play without the restriction of a leash. When you call, your dog immediately turns on a dime and runs towards you with enthusiasm. That is what this program will achieve for you and your dog. A reliable recall gives you and your dog more freedom.
Reactivity Program

Growly to Great – For Dog Reactivity

Is your dog barking, lunging, pulling or even screaming towards other dogs on walks? Walks together should be a dream, not a nightmare. With this program, we will turn things around so that you can look forward to walking together with your best friend on a loose lead, rather than feeling like you’re heading out to battle every time you want to exercise your dog (and yourself).

The Ultimate Dog Training Program

The Ultimate Dog Training Program

Imagine your dog walking right next to you on a loose lead, being calm and well-mannered around the house, and listening to your commands the first time you say them.

Very Important Puppy (VIP) Programs

Very Important Puppy (VIP) Programs

Get a puppy, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. It’ really is! – But it’s also a lot of work. They don’t come with an instruction manual or an off button. – Why didn’t anyone warn you?

Why doesn’t this puppy respond to the way you trained your last one?

No worries, we can help. We can teach you how to get your new bundle of joy on the path to basic obedience, as well as how to address the typical challenges that come with a young puppy before they become greater challenges.

My dog Lucky had a bad pulling issue when we’d go on walks. Anytime she saw a squirrel or another dog I felt awful because it was like I was having to choke her to keep her back. However, after a few sessions with Bambi, going on walks with Lucky is so much easier and less embarrassing for us both.
-Joshua E.

Bambi was such a huge help – we were having issues with our overexcited teenage puppy when guests came over. She quickly addressed the situation and provided beneficial human training – complete with homework, instructions on how to move forward, follow-up videos, and accessibility after the session. She communicated everything clearly and created a comfortable learning atmosphere.

-Shelley J.

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