5 Common Pet Allergies

Did you know it is possible for pets to have allergies as well as humans? It’s a very long process to diagnose and find out what your pet’s allergy problem is. However, you can do so pretty easily when you look at the most common issues.  The following are the most common triggers for your pet’s allergy problems and how to resolve them.


Dust Mites

Dust mite allergies are very common and they come from many places. They are one of the worst things that might be affecting your pet. Right up there with mold and pollen, this is one of the other most common causes of your pet being ill. You may see that your pet has mites on their skin or even bite marks. They may also have issues with dermatitis because of the mites.

Another thing that can cause your dog to be ill is your pet’s bed. When you look at all the pillows as well as other sources of bedding and linens, these are all things that can cause dust mites to appear. Also, it is very important to recognize areas like behind sofas and under beds, as these are also sources of mites.


Bed Stuffing for Your Pets

There are some bedding materials that can cause issues for your pet. Many beds that are purchased are hypoallergenic, but you need to make sure you are washing them regularly. It is the dead skin that is in the bed that can attract mites. The bed, if made with other kinds of feather-based materials as well as other kinds of down, will cause issues as well. There are many pets who are also allergic to all kinds of feathers and other materials.

According to most vets, the best option is to have a bed that is 100% cotton. This is a way to ensure you are able to reduce an allergic reaction in your pet. Pets will typically have a reaction to more than one thing in their environment and it is important to make sure you are working with the vet to know what the cause may be.


Chemical Skin Irritants

Another issue is contact dermatitis which is caused by many cleaners used on a daily basis. It is important to make sure you are using natural cleaners so you don’t harm your pet. Additionally, you need to watch out for any cleaners and shampoos that may also cause issues for pets.

There are many laundry detergents and soaps that can also cause an allergic reaction as well, because of the dyes and perfumes in them. You should ensure that anything you wash your pet’s bedding in is free of these types of irritants. Contact dermatitis is hard to determine where it is coming from and there are many products that cause it. 

One of the worst allergy issues is when dogs are either sitting by a pool or swimming, because they are exposed to the chlorine in the water. 


Indoor Plants

Because of pollen, there may be issues with pet allergies and plants, especially flowering plants. You might see many of these issues show up in your pet by rashes, sneezes, or your pet excessivley grooming themselves.

You should also know that the soil your plant is growing in may have mold which can affect your pets. You need to ensure you are not overwatering your plants and that you are keeping them in a well-lit as well as well-ventilated room to prevent mold.


Smoke and Your Pets

A major irritant causing many issues for cats is their sensitivity to smoke, including smoke from cooking. Cats in particular who live in places where there is cigarette smoke are more likely to have allergies and even get asthma. If you see that your pet has a problem breathing, watery eyes, or that they are not breathing easily, make sure you take your pet to the vet immediately.


How Can You Determine What is Causing Your Pet’s Allergies?

If you think your pet is having an allergy issue, one of the best ways to determine what the cause is, is to remove the potential item from the house. You should think about using a new detergent or air freshener, or possibly swapping out a cleaning product for the one you think is causing the issue.

In the event you have not added anything new, you might want to see how you can eliminate allergens and irritants. One way to do this is to remove as many potential irritants as you can, and then add them back in one at a time and see what works.


How to Minimize the Allergens in Your Home

Another thing you can do if you want to take good care of your pet is to make sure you are cleaning thoroughly. That means you’ll want to wash all of your bedding often and also clean with all-natural materials. You may want to add in a HEPA filter as well, since this will help to pull out any dust and pollen in the air.

When you vacuum the floor you want to make sure you are using something which will help you clean your house on a regular basis. You need to also think about avoiding and disposing of any blankets not serving any purposes.

Talk to your vet about all of your potential pet allergies and this will allow you a good plan about what to do for the betterment of your pet’s health.



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