Top 5 Snellville Dog Walking Tips For Pup Parents

Pulling, yanking, dragging! Does that sound familiar? Before you have your arm yanked out of the socket, your Snellville dog walker has some tips for a MUCH easier and enjoyable walk! If your dog has been pulling too much, there are:

  1. Make your dog sit and WAIT before leaving the house. This may take several seconds, or maybe a few minutes. Be patient; your dog needs to be CALM before leaving the house.
  2. Each time your dog pulls/yanks you for ANY REASON, turn around and walk several steps until he/she follows YOU. Your dog should never pull so far in front that the leash is taught-there should be given (it is preferred to have the dog walk beside you).
  3. If the dog gets excited when seeing other dogs or animals, get between the dog and the other pet/animal/person. You are in control and make sure the dog knows that! Have the dog sit for 3-5 seconds and give a treat once the dog is CALM.
  4. Depending on the breed of dog, the leash you use makes a HUGE difference in the walk. For example, I use a Gentle Leader ™, and it works WONDERS. For people with Huskies, for example, who are having walking woes, try a harness. Huskies are sled/working dogs who have an instinct to “pull.” Retractable leashes rarely work with these breeds.
  5. When meeting other dogs, your dog should be calm. Talk with the other dog walker first. Don’t touch or acknowledge the other dog. If your dog is TOO excited (like one of mine gets!) do the “3-second rule” and only allow your dog to sit and say hi for a few seconds. Simply explain to the other walker that your dog is too excited, and you are doing some training.


Snellville Dog Walking Tips Will Help Make The Walk More Enjoyable For You And Your Dog

These tips should help, but remember, practice makes perfect. This may take several walks to break your dog of bad habits. Also, you are not hurting your dog by using a Gentle Leader™ or harness. You are HELPING your dog. No pulling on his part means no pulling on your part! He is hurting YOU by pulling, and you don’t deserve it. Walks should be a great experience for you and your dog.

Does your dog have bad leash habits? Try our tips and let us know what worked for your pup!




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