Dog Walker Pro Tips: How to walk a Labrador (top dog in the USA)

Chocolate Labrador

Labradors are adored the world over because of their gentle ways and fun loving nature. They’re a snap to train too, so many labs have careers as therapy, visual aid, and law enforcement dogs.

However, because of their wonderful nature, there are a lot of Labs who aren’t leash trained. This can make walking them a bit of challenge because these puppies are BIG!

An average grown Labrador stands hip high on an adult and weighs 70 lbs.  Many pets weigh more because oh my, do they looooove to eat!  As such, when a lovely Lab decides to go check something out, and fast, you might be dragged along – not fun if there’s traffic or big puddles!

Collar and leads are simple to use and standard, but there’s no doubt that too much pulling can lead to injury.  First, there’s pressure on the neck and second, if your pet suddenly leaps forward or sideways, his whole body comes into play which can have a whiplash like effect.

As such, for an enthusiastic big dog, we like harnesses.  These take a moment longer to clip on but they take the strain away from the neck and redistribute it over the chest and back.  It means a more comfortable walk for your pet and it gives you greater control.

There are many different designs as well as sizes, so it takes a bit of study to find one that best suits your pet.  If you’re looking for a second opinion, do ask us!  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.



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