What if there were no more Purebred Dogs in the world? Would our dogs become nonexistent? Let’s celebrate National Purebred Dog Day, today May 1st. What do you plan to do to celebrate?

National Purebred Day May 1I am fascinated by National Purebred Dog Day (May 1). It is, quite possibly, the newest national pet holiday that we’ve covered so far. Although these holidays are celebrated on a national scale, at their core, they come down to a small group, or even an individual, who feels strongly about something and wants to spread the word about it. This week will mark just the second time that people across the nation can celebrate National Purebred Dog Day. The saying goes that every dog will have his day, and it looks like purebreds have been added to that list.


Celebrating National Purebred Dog Day honors not only dogs’ heritages but also the culture of the countries that produced them and the centuries-old relationship between man and dog. A common term among purebred dog enthusiasts is purpose-bred dogs. While some dogs have been bred for their visual appeal, many were bred for particular personality traits that would make them better companions in accomplishing a specific task, such as livestock protection or herding, hunting, sled pulling, and a variety of other jobs. By preserving these personality traits, purebred dogs are open books and the likelihood of making a perfect match is multiplied. A prospective owner can know the perfect breed for their lifestyle. And a happy dog and a happy owner is the best anyone can ever hope for.


In addition to purebred owners joining together to celebrate their dogs, the thing that makes the day interesting for me is that it’s a living issue, a living dialogue among dog lovers. There are many voicing speaking today about dogs’ rights and their proper treatment. Sometimes those voices conflict, especially when it comes to the subject of dog rescue and adoption versus the purchase of dogs from breeders. It is quite likely that you’ll see discussions on these issues unfolding online in the next few days.


To understand a little more about this National Day and the issues behind it, let’s talk about the story of how the day came about. The story of National Purebred Dog Day would have to begin with Susi Szeremy, the day’s founder. Upon discovering that purebred dogs have no national day recognizing their value and contributions today, she started on a journey to give recognition to the uniqueness, history, and value of purebred dogs. The national day itself was launched with very little marketing. Other than a few tweets and a Facebook page, and some PR from the passing of the day into law, the rest was all word of mouth. And through that, thousands of dog owners found their voice and place to celebrate not only their purebred dogs but also a corrected understanding of the role of responsible breeders. Too often, in the past, the breeders that support the continuation of purebred lines are vilified and lumped in with the non-reputable groups, such as puppy mills, that breed dogs without regard to proper practices and screening which would protect the future health of the dogs.


Breeders and enthusiasts of specific breeds act as the advocates of their respective breed. It is for that reason that certain breeds of dogs don’t end up in shelters: because they have someone looking out for them and who will immediately rescue them if they arrive in a shelter. However, in the past, mutts lacked this kind of support until groups like PETA and other humane societies saw their disadvantage and started speaking up in their behalf. In a perfect world, every dog, purebred or not, would have someone to speak and advocate for them. There would always be interested parties or groups ready to jump to their rescue. This new day, far from detracting from the overall well being of dogs, is another step in the right direction for educating everyone, dog owners or not, about the need for respecting, loving, and honoring the dogs among us and setting in place the protections needed for ethical breeding and treatment of dogs everywhere.


What National Purebred Dog Day is meant to accomplish is the celebration of purebred dogs as well as education about reputable and ethical breeders. In Susi’s words, “I believe all dogs should be valued, whatever their ancestry; however, National Purebred Dog Day was created to celebrate the heritage, diversity and predictability of the purpose-bred dog, and to help restore balance to the national conversation about responsible dog ownership.”


You can read about the beginning of National Purebred Dog Day here and you can watch a video about the day here.

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