Train Puppy to Stop Biting

Misi Closeup 2It is in a puppy’s nature to bite, chew, and mouth on things when they play. When a puppy is small it is not the big of a problem. The bigger the puppy gets the bigger the problem with biting becomes. Eventually the puppy’s teeth will start to feel like tiny needles which can hurt children as well as adults. Because this behavior is instinctual, the puppy does not know better and needs to be taught.

Training for Mouthing
Instincts will cause puppies to mouth things and it is important to control this behavior at a young age so they will create a behavior habit for later in their life. There are several different methods of how to train your puppy but each puppy has a certain way of learning. The owner must find the best method of training for their specific puppy. It is very dire to get the puppy to stop mouthing and/or biting. The puppy must learn that the human skin is not as tough as their own and it does hurt for them to bite or mouth their owner.


Gentle Puppy Training
During training a puppy must learn to control the pressure of the biting and how sensitive the human’s skin is. If a puppy is taught these things at a young age, it will be less dangerous when the puppy becomes a dog and bites during play.

Training for Biting
A puppy should be trained to realize that their teeth are not meant for anything other than food and chew toys.
The following are some methods on how to begin training:
-When the puppy begins to bite on anything it is not supposed to gently stop the puppy and give the puppy a chew toy.
-When puppies are alert and playful they like to bite human hands while being petted on, when this happens offering the puppy a treat from another hand should take the puppy’s attention off of the hand that is being bitten.
-Instead of using hands to play, if a puppy is being taught to use a toy then the puppy will not think about biting humans in the first place if taught in a consistent manner.
-Redirect a puppy when the puppy begins to play with mouthing or biting with a chew toy. Keeping toys in a pocket or an easily accessible place will help with this method.
-The puppy should be offered a variety of different toys preventing boredom and biting on humans for the need to play with something new.
-To be sure the puppy does not have built up energy it is a good idea to give the puppy regular interaction with other vaccinated puppies and adult dogs for play time. This also helps with social growth.
-There are also supervised playtime available for puppy classes where puppies get to play together and are taught playing manners.
-Another way to show the puppy that biting is unacceptable is by giving the puppy a time out. Anytime puppy Makes contact with his teeth to a person’s skin a time out should be given.
-Whenever the puppy bites the person should make a high pitched yelping noise like a puppy would, and stop playing with the puppy for at least 30-60 seconds for a proper time out. After the time is up continue the puppy play.
-Time out can also be done by keeping a leash on the puppy and tying the puppy up in a secluded area reassuring that the puppy realizes he is being ignored for the duration of the time out.
-It is highly irrationally to expect a puppy not to bite when you entice by waving toes or fingers in a puppies face. It is better not to do this.
-It is not a good idea to discourage a puppy from playing at all, instead the puppy should be taught how to play correctly and more gently.
-Like every other animal puppies have an instinct to chase whatever runs away from them. Once a puppy mouths or bites and whatever is being bitten is jerked away from the puppy their instincts will tell the puppy to chase and bite or mouth again.
-It is important to keep in mind that if someone is aggressive with the puppy the puppy will be aggressive in return. Therefore, being rough during play or conducting physical punishment will cause the puppy to be aggressive or even more timid. In any case these things teach the puppy bad habits.



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