Seven Reasons Why Puppies Are Great

?????????????????????????In honor of National Puppy Day (March 23) we are devoting this post to seven reasons why puppies are so great.

Number One:
Puppies love you and you love puppies. Let’s face it, when it comes to puppies, the feeling of heart-melting love is mutual. Like almost all baby animals, puppies are practically designed to be loveable. Their physical features, such as soft, fuzzy fur, floppy ears, oversized paws, and cuddly rolls of puppy fat, make them pretty irresistible. Add to that their schedule–lots of napping, eating, and playing—and they’re pretty much fun and cute all the time. These are just a few of the instinctive reasons that we’re drawn to puppies. Now for the reasons why they love us so much. Puppies are social creatures. They are born as part of a litter and so they always have playmates around. When they join your family, you become the new playmates, cuddle buddies, and the all in all for your puppy. This is a reason why it’s so important to be ready for the commitment of bringing a new puppy into your home. They will need your time, love, and attention. And that won’t change as your puppy grows into adulthood. Indeed a dog is a man’s best friend, and friendships require work and effort on both sides. Your puppy is ready to give you unconditional love. Be ready to return it.

Number Two:
Happiness for happiness. Did you know that having a pet can increase your life expectancy? Pets provide a soothing and comforting influence that relieves stress, thus lowering blood pressure, improving your attitude, and giving you greater validation and purposefulness. Dogs get a high from making you happy, and you being happy simply makes them feel even happier. The positive cycle just keeps turning and blessing your life. And that’s just pets in general. When you’ve got a puppy, the cuteness factor just multiplies the positive effects.

Number Three:
Great schedule keepers. Ok, puppies aren’t really great schedule keepers, but they can certainly make you into one. Having a pet can enhance your productivity because you start living by a better schedule. While we may cut corners and make allowances for ourselves, puppies won’t allow that kind of latitude. When you are living by a schedule for feeding and exercising, playing, and sleeping, then you do a better job at arranging the rest of your time as well.

Number Four:
Eat. Play. Sleep. Puppies have the life schedule that we all wish we had. Early on, their needs are pretty straightforward. Learn to read the signs, and you’ll be well on your way to a good bond and understanding with your pet. Don’t let all the positive eclipse the fact that puppies are a responsibility, and there will be challenges. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to teach your puppy good behavior, remember that the basics are to eat, play, and sleep (and take timely breaks outside, of course). Keep these basics covered and take the rest of the steps one at a time.

Number Five:
Rediscovery. One of the beautiful things about having a new, young life in your home is you get to watch this little personality learn and discover. Take the chance to rediscover the world through your puppy’s eyes. Learn to be curious again. Learn to explore. Let your puppy take you on adventures of discovery as you expand their world and introduce them to new things. We love to see the wonder, confusion, and surprise in a puppy encountering something new. Let that inspire you to go out and discover for yourself.

Number Six:
Intelligence. Puppies have an incredible capacity for learning. It can be thrilling and very satisfying to train your puppy as it grows into adulthood. It can also be very frustrating and overwhelming. Your puppy’s personality is unique and you will have to blaze your own trail of training. It’s a challenge, but, like anything of value, it’s worth the satisfaction of persevering through the setbacks and challenges. Easy is nice but it’s not rewarding. Puppy training is definitely rewarding. And as you continue to work with your pet, your bonds of friendship will only grow stronger and stronger.

Number Seven:
Did we mention they’re cute? Yes, puppies are wonderfully cute. And we also know that they can make you want to tear your hair out sometimes. Having a puppy is no stroll in the park (although you will spend some time strolling in the park). It’s not an endless party (although puppies’ energy levels suggest that they think otherwise). And it’s not a lazy Sunday afternoon in the sunshine (although those certainly will come from time to time). So why do we love puppies? Because they make us into more than we are without them.



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