How to Make Your Pets Not Afraid of the Thunder

a87a3a_d1bda7d74b3359f2697bc546f85079adWhen you have a pet it is heart breaking to see them fear the thunder. They will hide and will cower as soon as they begin to hear the noise and that means that they will be hiding as quickly as they can even though the thunder is far away and well off in the distance. One thing you will be aware of is the fact that you want to help them right away, however, they hear at a much louder rate than we do and can also hear much further away. That means that they have the ability to be more scared as well because they know what is coming before it is even close to your property.
Many owners are buying many new accessories which are like thunder shirts. This is a heavy blanket which goes around an animal and makes them feel as though they are being hugged. This is a great way to ensure as well that they will have a pressure which will make them feel very confident and not have to worry about their surroundings. That means as well that they will be able to know that you care about them.

A few different things which will help your dog include understanding what makes him upset, that means that you will be patient for him and that you would think about that. For that reason you must consider the fact that the dog does not know or understand what is causing the issues he is experiencing. The sound of the thunder as well as the static electricity is something that the dog will not know what is causing the sounds and the vibrations. One thing you may notice as well is the fact that the dog will start being sensitive as well to all loud noises although they have not done it before. You need to be sensitive to the needs of your dog and realize that he may also be very afraid of other loud noises without any warning, as a parent you need to keep that in mind and look after him to help him. Here are a few things you can also do to help the dog not be so afraid.

1. Give him treats and rewards when he is calm.

Make sure that when you see that the dog is calm that you are able to reward the dog so that you will be able to give him when he is calm and has great behavior. When the dog listens and when he does what you want to do you want to make sure that you are able to reward him for all of the good things which he does and you will be able to have a treat and will be able to be rewarded for all of his good behavior?

2. Let your dog have a place to hide!

When there is bad weather and your dog is frightened, you want to make sure that he has a place of his own where he will be able to hide so that he will feel comfortable and will know that there is nothing to worry about. That will become his own sort of sanctuary so that he will be able to feel happy and healthy and will not have to worry about the fact that there are loud noises.

3. Sit with your dog.

Plan on sitting with your friend and you will be able to ensure that you can spend time with him so that you will not have to have any issues with him being alone. That means that you will be able to spend plenty of time interacting with your puppy and will know that he is happy and healthy and you will be able to hug him.
You will feel much better about the whole process of spending time with him and knowing that you are able to bond as you spend time with him. Your dog will be happy knowing that you are able to keep him company and you will also feel better knowing that you have been able to not make your dog feel afraid.
Make your dog feel happy and accompanied and you will be able to ensure that your puppy is not afraid. You will then be able to train the dog not to worry about the thunder and lightning. You will then be able to comfort your dog and improve your relationship.

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