Is Your Pet Microchipped? Why Microchiping May Save Your Pet’s Life – Injured dog at Snellville Animal Hospital

Injured DogWow, this article really resonates with me today.  I was headed out for a midday visit this past Tuesday, January 21st, and on the side of the road was an injured dog.  Someone had hit the dog.  It was all so emotional.  The lady was upset.  I was upset.  A neighbor came out and everyone helped to get the dog to the vet.  We went to my vet Snellville Animal Hospital.  Dr. Craine, and his staff have been taking wonderful care of the injured dog.  What makes this even sadder is the dog wasn’t wearing a collar, nor was it chipped, if it was chipped the chip wasn’t working.  Thus we are unable to locate the owner.  I am sure the owner is worried sick about their lost dog, and we are all worried that the injured pet may not reunite with their owner.  The word has been spread over Facebook so we are hoping the dog finds their owner. 

This article showed up in my inbox this morning, and I wanted to share how important it is to have your pet microchipped.  Not only have your pet micochipped but also, make sure your information is current.  So if your animal gets loose and hurt you will be reunited immediately. 

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Your Pet is MicrochippedPosted: 21 Jan 2014 01:48 PM PSTTHINKING YOU’LL BE CONTACTED IF THEY ARE FOUND, AND BE REUNITED WITH YOU???  DON’T BE SO SURE… UNLESS YOUR INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE!!!   This also applies to your pet’s ID tags!!!As a pet sitter, I’m finding some of my furry friends have been new to the area… and during my consultation with a new family, one of the questions I ask is if their furry baby is microchipped.  I then proceed to obtain the company through which the chip is registered and document the actual chip number.  But, to ensure the pet’s best chance of being returned home and reunited with its family, the most important detail is often overlooked…UPDATING YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION!!!

Please be sure to immediately update the contact information for your pet if your telephone number and/or your address changes, even if it’s temporary!!!  A microchip is useless if you cannot be reached.

Another very important feature microchip companies offer is maintaining a photo in your pet’s file; therefore, if you report your pet is lost, a public alert will be sent out, including a picture of your pet, ONLY if you provided one, of course. Unfortunately, many families fail to ever provide a photograph!!!

Photos should be updated regularly… a long-haired kitty whom is shaved for the summer should have an updated picture on file after being groomed.   Through the years our animals age, and their appearance is quite different than their youthful puppy days.  As a result of illness or injury, physical appearances may change.   Again, I reiterate, if there are any physical changes, please remember:   Submit an updated photo of your beloved pet to the company with whom the chip is registered.

Every day I receive Lost Pet Notices… absent of a photograph!!!  If I see a furry baby’s face on my screen, with an announcement they are lost, that vision remains with me until I learn the pet is home safe and sound… months may pass; however, if I see a listing for a found animal resembling a pet in a notice I’ve previously received as lost, I’ll revisit the photo for updated info and check to see if it’s possibly that missing pet.

When your pet visits their vet for an annual wellness checkup, or even a sick visit, I highly recommend you request the chip be scanned to ensure it’s functioning.  Scanning is noninvasive and takes only a few seconds.  I’ve never known a vet, shelter, or rescue to charge for scanning.

If your pet did not receive their microchip at their current vet’s office, please be sure to provide their present doctor the company’s name with whom the chip is registered, along with the microchip number, so the information may be documented in your pet’s records.

In the best interest of your pet’s safety… please remember to update your contact information and provide updated photographs to the microchip company as often as needed… and replace all identification tags with updated information as well!!

Helping to keep beloved furry babies healthy and safe… and pet parents informed!





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