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Everyone on the 2 Paws up Inc pet sitting team is dedicated to you our clients!

Our team of professional pet sitters is not just picking up pet sitting jobs here and there. Each team member is an employee who goes through extensive training before entering your home and caring for your pets. Your team pet sitter continues to receive continuing education through fetchfind with weekly online training that comes to their inbox every Friday.

For an extra layer of protection, every client is assigned a primary pet sitter and a backup pet sitter. If there is not enough time for you to meet both, rest assured the primary pet sitter will be sure the backup pet sitter provides the same loving protection to your pets and home.

We thrive on the relationships we build. These are just a few reasons we invest in employees for our team, and we can avoid the limitations of hiring a team of subcontractors also know as independent contractors. Each professional pet sitter goes through a thorough screening and background checks before joining the team.

5 Reasons To Choose Us for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

1. Our dog walkers and pet sitters are employees and not independent contractors.

2. Our training does not stop once they have been hired.

3. Back up procedures and internal systems ensure consistent care.

4. We provide one on one pet care.

5. We are available 365 Days a year for Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Overnight services.

2 Paws Up Inc.

Amazing Team Members

Sathid Pankaew

Sathid Pankaew

Lead Certified Dog Trainer

Hi! I’m Sathid. I am a Certified Trainer and Behavior Consultant (CTBC) with over 8 years of animal experience and 5 years of training experience. I worked for 3 years as the coordinator of East Bay SPCA’s behavior and training program, and have also worked in private training facilities as well as private client’s homes with dogs and cats. I completed my certification with Janice Bradley’s Dog Training Internship Academy in 2015.

I utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) methods, AKA: evidence-based/science-based, reward-based training. These methods have been used successfully to train everything from marine mammals to butterflies, iguanas, and tigers to domestic cats and dogs in rehabilitation from pit-fighting. My goal is for the humans as well as the animals in any situation to stay safe, get their needs met, and maintain a high quality of life. I’m ready to help you with: 

  • aggression
  • reactivity 
  • multi-dog interactions 
  • guarding/possessiveness 
  • choosing and preparing for a new pet 
  • separation-related behaviors 
  • predatory behavior 
  • handling and grooming sensitivities 
  • basic manners like loose-leash walking and coming when called 
  • jumpy/mouthy behavior 
  • fear 
  • puppy training and socialization… 
If you have questions about other behaviors, ask me about them and I’ll be happy to work with you and your dog.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Team



Pet Sitter

Hi I’m Beverly. My husband and I recently moved from San Diego California to explore this part of the country and be closer to my grandson, Sammy. I married my high school sweetheart 32 years ago and have two grown children.

I am a avid football fan and love to travel and experience new cultures especially the food.

I currently have one fur baby named Bailee. She is a super sweet maltipoo with a fun loving spirit. I have always had dogs and cats all my life, including 4 German Shepard’s who hold a special place in my heart. I’m looking forward to giving the love and care I have for my own fur babies to your family. 



Pet Sitter

Hello! My name is Jan. I was born and raised in rural Southeast England. During my childhood, I cared for many types of animals, including cats, dogs, goats, ducks, pigeons, gerbils, and rabbits. I have lived in Georgia most of my life. I’ve been living in Gwinnett County for 6 years.

Animals have always been a massive part of my world. I currently have 4 cats and a crested gecko, which I adore. I enjoy keeping fit by hiking, walking, and spinning. I also like to bake.

I am passionate about making animals feel comfortable and loved when their parents are away from home. I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies and providing the care they deserve!

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Team Sucess Manager

My name is Khahlia, or Kiya for short, and I am a home grown Georgia girl. Through my 25 years of being alive, I have always owned an animal. Everything from pigs, to dogs, to snakes. My first love has always been animals and with that love comes the want and need to always be around them. I currently own, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 ferret, and 1 snake. All but the snake have medical needs that I tend to. My goal in life is to get a degree that enables me to be around animals of all kinds and being there to care for your furry, scaley, or feathery friend is the first step to obtaining my goal. I am excited to meet both you and your pets and help in any way I can.



Pet Sitter

Hi there! I’m Greta. I was born in Alabama. I have lived all over the South East, but the Atlanta area has been my home for most of my life. I grew up going to work with my dad who worked at the Auburn Rehabilitation Center for Birds of Prey, Callaway Gardens, and Zoo Atlanta, which I interned at when I was seventeen. We raised, rehabbed and released, and hosted education programs for Birds of Prey and nature conservation. I’ve grown up with all types of animals from cats, dogs, fish and small pets to horses, chickens, and parrots.

My soon-to-be-husband and I currently have four cats, three spiders, and a ball python. We do not have any dogs because our special needs daughter is sound sensitive and is scared of barking. It breaks my heart that we can’t have a doggo so I live vicariously through others.

I understand what it’s like to worry about your pets while you’re away. I have had to ask close friends to watch my babies while we travel and it has given me massive anxiety. I will love and care for your pets as I would my own.



Pet Sitter

Hi! My name is Jasmine. Originally from a small town in Virginia I moved to Gwinnett County a few years back. I have had the pleasure to care for many animals in my life, especially dogs! Currently, I have 5 fur babies and love taking them out for walks during the day. My pets are family and I look forward to showing yours the same love and kindness as I show mine.

Pet Care Team Training - Jasmine
CPR First Aid Training

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