Redeem Rewards

Our Reward Vouchers


V.I.P Club members have the chance to redeem their reward points for our reward vouchers. Once you reach the required amount of points needed for a voucher, you can apply that voucher to any service.

75 points- $3 off

150 points- $5 off

300 points- $10 off

525 points- $15 off

750 points- One free Dog Walk or Visit

1500 points- One free Overnight Visit

When you schedule the service through your Pet Portal profile, include a note that mentions the voucher you want to use. If you call or email to schedule the service, just mention the voucher you want to use. The value cost of that voucher will then be deducted from your reward point balance.

Mindy has a balance of 100 points. She is eligible to redeem $3 off her next service at a value cost of 75 points. She schedules a 30-minute dog walk for next weekend and decides to redeem $3 off that service. The $25 dog walk is now $22. Her remaining point balance is 25.


Joe has spent $800 in services. He has a balance of 1600 points that he has yet to redeem. He is eligible to redeem any of the six rewards available. He decides to go out of town for one night and redeems one free overnight visit for 1500 points. His remaining point balance is 100. He can choose to redeem $3 off his next service for 75 points or he can save the points to redeem rewards of higher value later.

View your reward point balance and reward vouchers by logging into your V.I.P Club account powered by TapMango or checking the TapMango app on your mobile device. Email us with any questions or concerns about your V.I.P Club membership.

*Reward vouchers have an expiration date.

*Vouchers cannot be combined.

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