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I hired 2 Paws Up to care for my 3 hens and rooster while I was on vacation. One of my hens has been sitting on a clutch of eggs. (They are hatching) as I type! So the duties were detailed and there were many to be done. I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am for Barbie and Giada! Giada has not taken care of chickens before. My rooster is ornery. She did an incredible job AND she worked hard to learn about chickens. I was so anxious before I left and I was put at ease every day with their great communication AND they sent photos! I am 150% impressed and I will call Barbie again when I need a sitter. I did not hire them to care for my cat. But they gave her love when they saw her. Thank you deeply for your care for my pet family.
With gratitude, Lisa Novak

We LOVE Julie!! She is fantastic with our dogs and they love her too! She went beyond the call of duty and brought a halti collar over to work with our high strung schnauzer he is not good at all on a leash, in fact, he was so bad on the leash I dreaded our walks. I have now bought my own halti and after only one walk there was a significant improvement in his anxiety on our walks, I anticipate it will only get better. I have Julie to thank for that! I am very, very satisfied with 2Paws Up (we have been using their services for at least 8 years)and never have any concerns about the well being of my dogs while in their care, they are very dependable and reliable! I would not leave the care of my dogs to anyone else!
Lynn Weaver

Lindsay did an outstanding job for us. Liked the way she spent time with Pooby and got her to play. Although Pooby was glad to see us when we returned, we could tell she was well cared for. Thanks Lindsay!
Lois Kulbago

Jackie did a great job taking care of my old girl! I appreciate the extra TLC she provided.
Amy Jones

What is greater than than the fact that my Sophie just adored Helen. Helen took great care of my dog and my home. Bringing in my mail and daily paper was very nice of her. My sweet Sophie is so afraid of thunder storms and Helen not only held her she sang songs to help calm her. Helen is my pick for my favorite pet sitter.
Michelle Greene

The Bulldogs could not say enough nice things about their pet nanny, Holland. They want to know if she could move in full-time. They indicated that their treatment with Holland was the best!
Cecily & Frank

Pet Nanny, Karen was great! She handled a complex house full of animals perfectly. Even our shy kitty warmed up to her. She also had to deal with toilet issues after a water pipe burst in our front yard. We greatly appreciated having a reliable sitter who we can confidently leave our animals with. Thanks for the great service you’ll definitely be hearing from us again!
Katherine Wejnert

I remember the time I did not leave enough food and you went out and purchased food for my babies. I have never had a lost or sick pet while in your care and that says allot. Thank you for all that you do for me and my precious pets. They are in good hands with you!
Julie Mills

Barbie, you were fantastic! I don’t have suggestions for improvement. I think what impressed me the most was home much time you took when you visited to gather information about our dogs, as well as the detailed report stating what you did on each of the visits. Your service is excellent! I will definitely use you again and I will recommend 2 Paws Up to anyone I know who is in need of a pet sitter.
Becky Martin

Well I would like to add that my pets would love to say that 2 Paws Up Pet Sitting Service is the Greatest! We never knew mom and dad were missing WUF! WUF!”

I would also like to add myself that 2 Paws Up has been a wonderful experience. I use to leave and worry about my kids, but since I found 2 Paws Up, I actually can leave home and feel confident that my pets (4 dogs & 4 birds) are getting the same care I would provide which leaves me feeling unstressed and reassured that my pets are happy even when I have to be happy away from them. I could not ask for better care. Barbie is great!” And I mean every word of it.

Thank you for the wonderful care you always provide 🙂

Teresa B.

I want to let your clients know that I consider you the most caring and professional pet sitter that I can possibly imagine. You have always been responsible in seeing our cats every day we are gone. We appreciate your notes about their behavior at each visit. You are patient and understanding when we call to double check on our pets.

In addition, you give individualized attention to our 21 year old cat who requires special feeding away from the other cats. You have always been professional and thorough in having important phone numbers and instructions and a clear contract for your services.Also, we love the gifts that you leave for us and the kitties after each visit. We recommend you to all our friends with animals.

Thank you for your care and attention to Sweets, Theo, and Misha.

Carol, Lloyd, and Michael Nigro

When I go out of town for a week or so and I return, my cats will appear a little ‘stressed out’ and uneasy for a day or so until they are back to the old routine. When Barbie watched over them, I returned to find them happy and calm as if they had had a vacation from me. It was both amusing and reassuring!

2 Paws Up has been wonderful. My dog looks forward to his walks and I can relax knowing my pets are in excellent care. Whether its for a single visit or multiple visits in a day, I would recommend their services to anyone.
Rachel Payne

Thank you Barbie. You are absolutely awesome!
Karen Lickay

I always feel completely comfortable leaving my 3 dogs in Barbie’s care. She is dependable and follows all of our instructions so everything is routine for the dogs while we are gone. I don’t know what we would do without her!
Gayla Stahl

I always feel comfortable leaving Angie in Barbie’s care. I know Barbie is competent and reliable, and loves the pets she takes care of. I also like the detailed diary she leaves.
Mary Orr

Barbie came through for us in an emergency situation where we had to leave town suddenly due to a family illness. She even took one of our sick cats to the vet while we were gone. I trust her completely with my cats. They seem to really respond well to her in our absence. She is reliable and trustworthy. I have peace of mind about our cats and our house while she is in charge.
Barney & Sandra Vermillion

Karen is very good with all of our pets. she shows sincere interest in each one of them. She makes us feel very comfortable. Her warm, sincerity has won us over! Also she always washes any dishes, even if its only a couple of things. Means a lot!
Sylvia & Dwayne Bishop

We were extremely satisfied. Loved the daily notes you left. They showed you had spent a good deal of time with him as they reflected his personality. You showed great patience with a young active dog.
Jill Parker

I just wanted to thank you again for the special care that Abby provided to Fina while we were away last week. You have no idea how happy it made me that you had the ability and took the time to coax our scared little girl out from under the couch so she could get some love! This is huge progress and makes me so much more comfortable going away the next time!

Lisa R

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