What Makes Us 'YOU'nique

We promise to provide our clients with exceptional pet care in order to give them peace of mind when having to leave their pets. We accomplish this with our “The 2 Paws Up Difference”.


What Makes Us ‘YOU’nique


At 2 Paws Up Inc we pride ourselves on the professional care each of our pet-care providers gives. Being professional means, we use employees and not independent contractors.  We provide training and education and this translates into knowledgeable, dependable, conscience, trustworthy, and caring pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog trainers.  Our clients know we will be on time and go above and beyond the standard of care. We are insured and bonded to protect our customers. We are members of the Women in the Pet Industry Network WPIN, National Association of  Professional Pet Sitters NAPPS, as well as a local member of the Lilburn Business Association LBA.


Top Notch Service

We strive to be innovated and a leader in our industry. You may pay more for our service than our competitors. Why? We invest in our employees. We provide continuing education on a weekly basis to our pet sitters. They are our employees providing you with top-notch service, and to them, this is not a gig. Our pet sitters receive extensive training in subjects such as cat and dog body language, behavior, managing reactivity and proper leash handling skills. We provide our clients with the choice of being able to leave their pet in a familiar environment, and not having to upset their pet’s routine or exposing them to health issues involved in boarding. We are skilled and knowledgeable about your precious family members!


Custom-Made Services

Each of our clients is unique. As a member of our 2 Paws Up Inc family, you and your pets will benefit from our distinctive services. Explore and tailor your pets’ needs for the ultimate pet care experience. We treat your fur babies like we treat our own fur babies.  We look forward to meeting you and your pet family at the meet and greet.  We offer an estimate of all charges before the meet and greet based on the information we are given.

Superb Staff

All staff and pet sitters working for 2 Paws Up Inc are employees and not independent contractors. This equates to a love of working with pets and not just a gig. In order to become a member of 2 Paws Up Inc, a candidate must demonstrate the four qualities mentioned under Professionalism: Dependable, Conscience, Trustworthy, and Caring.  I look for individuals who work hard, are loyal, compassionate, and understand the meaning of customer service. I do not compromise on these traits. If a person is not up to the standards set by 2 Paws Up Inc they will not work for me.  Read about our Professional Pet Sitters.


Excellent Safety Record

For the safety of the pets in our care, we do not offer pack walks.  We provide one-on-one dog walks.  With our team of professional pet sitters, if one is unavailable, there is a succession plan in place. We work as a team.


Ongoing Educational Development

At 2 Paws Up Incwe provide our pet sitters with training and education.  Our training includes our sitters having continual online educational courses by FetchFind.com. We encourage pet sitters to educate themselves regarding all types of pets including yours. We all independently and as a team, continue to learn new information pertaining to pet healthcare.


Technology and Convenience

It is with up-to-date technology that we assign pet sitting appointments. The same technology allows us to see each appointment for the day, the week, or the month.  We have GPS tracking for the safety of your pets and our pet sitters. We know when they arrive and when they complete each home.  Clients are given a personal log-in to access their profiles, schedule pet care, update their password, and upload pictures as well as information about their pets 24/7.  We publish a quarterly newsletter and run awesome contests and promotions on Facebook, and Instagram.


Unequaled Personal Service

Our clients are family.  As a family, we treat each client with respect and care. We understand that open communication is imperative.  We return all calls from our clients during office hours, and we monitor voice mail and email after hours. Your pet sitter can be reached after hours and on weekends while your away. Each pet sitter has an extension for you to call and check up on your pets and home while you’re away. Our pet sitters will send you an electronic journal which will include pictures of your pets at each visit directly to your email. Feedback from our clients is vital and appreciated.


Deliver Personal Service with Outstanding Communication

Our clients, we believe, are an extension of our family.  My vision is to serve the county as a resource on pet-related topics and to continue to serve you and your neighbors with high-quality pet-care. We are insured and bonded for protection.  We offer flexible services, with an outstanding reputation, and high-quality services to our valued clients.  With a team of professional pet sitters, if one person is unavailable, there is a succession plan in place. We value and understand communication, thus, we provide electronic email journals on each visit, which will include pictures of your pets.  You can leave us a message during office hours, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and we will return your call during business hours.  We monitor emails and messages in the off hours in case of an emergency.  Your pet sitter has their own extension and you can reach them while your away. We embrace the power of connection.  We recognize that our clients and their furry family are the most valuable way to earn the business of new clients.



To best serve our clients it is vital that we obtain feedback, so we always follow-up to receive an assessment of your 2 Paws Up Inc experience.  We highly encourage our clients to let us know what they loved about the process and what suggestions they may have.

I’ve spent a lifetime sharing my home and world with animals, from my first German Shepherd Dog, Hans, to our current four-legged members, Winston, Gigi, and Misi Beaucoup, and our two cats Charleston, and Buddy Ellson.

In my experience, a well-cared for and well-loved pet brings more than just companionship to a person and a household. I’ve seen that the bond can literally change the dynamics of relationships, inspire the community and lead the way for positive and peaceful change in the world.  As Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” All of us at 2 Paws Up Pet Sitting make it our priority to provide your pets with as much love and attention as you would. Our purpose is to create a “2 Paws Up Inc Difference” for you and your pet.  We are your “Professional Pet Friends”.

Barbie Klapp, Owner, MBA

Providing True Peace of Mind by Keeping Your Pets Safe, Healthy and Happy!

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