Our Professional Team

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Our Professional Team

We choose pet sitters and dog trainers who have excellent people and pet sitting skills. Connecting quickly even during the first one-on-one meeting with your pets. Our pet sitting/dog walking team goes through a rigorous hiring and training process. They go through online training which covers modules on animal behavior, safety, and animal health.

Our dog trainers, dog walkers, and pet sitters are committed to developing a personal and long-term relationship with your pet.

Before pet sitting/dog walking services begin, we’ll match you up with just the right dog walker or pet sitter and set up an appointment for a private meet-and-greet in your home so you can get to know your pet’s new caregiver and discuss your pet’s individual needs.

Our Dog Training team can give you the skills and the knowledge to better manage your dog. Expert Board and Train Services in a Home-Like Environment, and Personalized In-Home Dog Training: Tailored Solutions for Puppies and Adult Dogs.

This is our commitment to uphold and go beyond our industry-standard of care. We are continuing looking for ways to improve our staff knowledge.

Our Values

At 2 Paws Up Inc we couldn’t provide the loving, knowledgeable care without our team of amazing pet care professionals. We train and encourage them to be the best every day.

Each day we strive to be better than the next day. The work that we perform matters. We don’t just play with kitties and puppies all day. It’s more than that. We promise to provide our clients with exceptional pet care to give you peace of mind when having to leave your pets. We accomplish this with our “The 2 Paws Up Difference”.  We step in and become you when you are away.

We are more than your average person off the street or app. We are creating a loving safe environment for your pets and home. We demand more from our employees, and our employees demand more of themselves. There is so much that goes into having a consistent and efficient team.

It is our hope, love, and commitment that we put into caring for your pets that you understand what matters most to us, and that is your pets.

Teresa  Benbow

Teresa Benbow

Client Relations Manager: Expertly Orchestrating Schedules and HR Matters

Hi! I’m Teresa. I have a husband and 4 daughters – 2 human daughters (both currently in college), and 2 spoiled furry daughters (Dixie, my miniature poodle, and Callie, my Bichon poodle mix)! My husband and I moved to Georgia over 21 years ago from the Denver area to start our family and love this area so much, we never left!

I have an extensive human resources and office management background, where most recently I worked for an educational technology/software company handling facilities and office functions for two locations. In my professional life, I enjoy trying to bring organization and structure to everyone’s day-to-day activities.

In my free time I love cooking, reading mystery/thriller books, jigsaw puzzles and non-stop cuddling with my furry girls!

Teresa Benbow
Brooklyn- our professional team

Brooklyn Ruge

Field Training Manager: Cultivating Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, and Dog Trainers

Certified in First Aid and CPR for Pets

Hi! I’m Brooklyn, originally from Ohio but have lived in Georgia most of my life. I’m a wife of 8 years and have 4 fur babies – 2 dogs (Dakota -Alaskan malamute and Nova-husky German shepherd mix) and 2 cats (Selena and Harley).

I love spending time with my pets and with my family and friends, especially my nieces and nephews.

I’m an extreme animal lover of all kinds. I’m excited to meet and take care of your pets and I’m excited to be a part of the 2 Paws Up team!

Beverly - 2 Paws Up Inc.

Beverly Adams

Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Beverly. My husband and I recently moved from San Diego California to explore this part of the country and be closer to my grandson, Sammy. I married my high school sweetheart 32 years ago and have two grown children.

I am an avid football fan and love to travel and experience new cultures especially the food.

I currently have one fur baby named Bailee. She is a super sweet Maltipoo with a fun-loving spirit. I have always had dogs and cats all my life, including 4 German Shepards who hold a special place in my heart.

Beverly - 2 Paws Up Inc.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Team

jan olivia pet sitter


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian

Certified in First Aid and CPR for Pets

Hello! My name is Jan. I was born and raised in rural Southeast England. During my childhood, I cared for many types of animals, including cats, dogs, goats, ducks, pigeons, gerbils, and rabbits. I have lived in Georgia most of my life. I’ve been living in Gwinnett County for 6 years.

Animals have always been a massive part of my world. I currently have 4 cats and a crested gecko, which I adore. I enjoy keeping fit by hiking, walking, and spinning. I also like to bake.

I am passionate about making animals feel comfortable and loved when their parents are away from home. I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies and providing the care they deserve!

Nikki 2 paws Up


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian
Hi, I’m Nikki! I am married and have 3 kids (16, 8, and 5) as well as my 2 furry daughters (Kira is a chihuahua and Red is a pit-lab mix). I am originally from Switzerland but moved to Georgia because my husband was from here. I love to travel, cook, bake, craft, and be active. I also speak German, Swiss-German, Finnish, French, Basic Spanish, and Italian.

I have had cats and dogs all my life including farm work since my granddad owned a farm. I love being around animals because they give me joy and make me happy!!

Nikki 2 paws Up
Stacy Pet Sitter


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian
Certified in First Aid and CPR for Pets

Hi, I’m Stacy! I’m a Georgia native – have lived here all my life. My great love of animals began as a young child. My grandparents had a working farm in rural south Georgia, complete with livestock, as well as cats and dogs. I currently have an African Grey parrot, a blue front Amazon, and 2 Australian red rump parrots.

In addition to my birds, I also have 9 dogs, and 5 cats, with most of them being rescues. I have a special place in my heart for rescues and the seniors. In my spare time, I love to crochet, bake and listen to classic rock music.

I look forward to meeting you and your fur kids, and taking great care of them!

Ashlyn professional team


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian

Hello, my name is Ashlyn! I’m 18 years old and I’m attending Georgia Gwinnett College and plan to major in Information Technology, specifically Systems and Security. I love playing video games and doing various other hobbies.

Currently, I have 5 pets – 4 cats and a dog. They’re all named after video game characters due to my parents and me being video game lovers. Growing up, I also had a ton of pets, being cats and dogs! I can’t wait to meet everyone else’s pets!

Ashlyn professional team
Kymberly our professional team


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian
Certified in First Aid and CPR for Pets

Hi! My name is Kymberly. I’m a native Georgian and have always had pets to take care of. I currently have three pets of my own, a big dog (Bear) and two cats (Midget and Moe)…I’m a HUGE pet lover of all kinds.

In my free time, I also enjoy reading books and listening to music. I look forward to taking care of your furry family!

2 paws up pet sitter Grace


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian
Hello! My name is Grace. I am 20 years old and have lived in Gwinnett County my entire life. I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate at Georgia College & State University.

I am a psychology major with a criminal justice minor, hoping to go to law school one day. For now, I focus on school and love to play video games in my free time!

I have had animals all my life including dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, and fish. I currently have two dogs, one of which is 12 years old and the other is 9 months. I have always loved animals and my parents would probably tell you as a child I liked them more than humans!

2 paws up pet sitter Grace
Pippa Professional Team


Pet Care Specialist: Your Trusted Companion’s Guardian
Hi, I’m Pippa. I was born and raised here in Snellville GA. I grew up with many dogs & cats in my life and this influenced my love for animals. Pets have always been a crucial part of my growing up and I’ve been caring for other people’s pets for the past four years!

Eventually, I would like to become a trainer and help dogs who may have special needs or confidence issues. Personally, my dog Oliver has special needs and some very low confidence issues. I know many dogs are misunderstood as aggressive when they really might just be scared, so I’d like to work with dogs to conquer their fears and become well-adjusted pups!

I look forward to meeting and caring for your furry friends!

Personalized In-Home Dog Training Trainers and Expert Board and Train Trainers


Andre Diggs

Expert Board and Train Trainer

Hi, I’m Andre! I’m originally from Queens, NY but have lived in Georgia for the past 4 years. In college, I loved learning about the various areas of science, and dog training is very much oriented around the psychological aspect of science.  I’ve got 3 years of dog training experience with about 5 years experience in the pet care industry (pet resorts/shelters/vet clinics/grooming).

I’m familiar with most dog training styles, however, I’m an advocate for positive reinforcement dog training and prefer a balanced/methodical approach to all dog training. I personally feel balanced training is usually the most effective/realistic method of training for family pets.

I’ve always been drawn to animals and thoroughly enjoy helping others with solving problems they may have with their pets. Being a huge advocate of pet adoptions and keeping as many dogs as possible out of shelters is also very important to me.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my dogs, enjoy being outside with nature, and playing video games. I look forward to helping clients build a strong and healthy relationship with their dogs!! 


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