National Walk Your Dog Week

The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week.  Going on walks with your favorite pup has a lot of benefits.  It is a great opportunity to bond. The exercise is also great for everybody involved.  Studies show that at least 20% of dogs don’t get walked daily. This could be because improper walking technique can cause stress for both dogs and humans.  What is the proper technique for safely walking our dogs? 2 Paws Up Inc. wants to make sure you and your four-legged friends walk safely and enjoy your time together.  We have some tips that will hopefully help:


Choose the Right Equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference when going on walks.  Retractable leashes are hazardous and should always be avoided. A simple collar and leash may work for small dogs who follow the program.  If you have a big dog that pulls, however, a harness can make things a lot easier.


Pick Up After Your Dog

This is the part of going for walks that isn’t fun.  Picking up after our pups is basic etiquette. No one wants to go out to their yard and find evidence of someone else’s dog.  In some places, not cleaning up will earn you a hefty fine. There are now biodegradable bags that make the job clean for you and the environment.


Teach Your Dog to Heel

A lot of dogs want to take charge and walk ahead, often pulling.  That is not fun for you. When your dog walks calmly alongside you, reward the behavior with a clicker and a treat.  If they pull ahead, bring them back firmly without causing pain. It may take some time, but once you have “heel” down, walks will be much more enjoyable for everyone.


Be Aware of Other Dogs on your Route

Encountering an aggressive dog can quickly ruin a good walk.  It is a good idea to go for a walk by yourself first and take note of any problems.  Always ask an owner before approaching a strange dog, whether alone or with your pups.  Dogs are very sensitive to the unfamiliar, especially if they are aggressive to begin with.


Call Us

We are always ready to take your pup for a stroll.  You can rest assured that we will take every precaution to ensure that your pet returns home safely.  Then they will be calm and happy when you get home.


We hope these walking tips make things a little easier.  If your schedule does not permit time for walks, please give us a call.  2 Paws Up Inc. is always happy to spend time with your four-legged buddies.  It takes a village to raise children, the human or furry kind. We hope everyone has an enjoyable National Walk Your Dog Week.



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