4 of the Best Career Choices for Animals Lovers to Pursue in 2023

For individuals who are fond of animals, pursuing a career related to animals makes perfect sense. From being a veterinarian to a zoo keeper to a neighborhood pet sitter, there are a variety of jobs allowing you to incorporate your love for animals into a fulfilling career. In this article by 2 Paws Up Inc, we’ll explore the best animal-related jobs one can pursue in 2023. 


Best Career Choices for You


As a vet, you have the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of animals in need. As a veterinarian, you’ll undertake surgeries, rehabilitation therapies, and regular check-ups of pets. Additionally, you can choose to work at an animal hospital, or private practice or volunteer at an NGO to improve the lives of pets and pet owners in your community.

Becoming a veterinarian will require you to complete formal education and gain industry experience in the field. As reported by Learn.org, this is commonly done via enrolling for a DVM — i.e., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, which includes a residency requirement.

Pet Sitter 

Leaving pets alone in the home can be a challenge, especially if they aren’t comfortable being home alone. As a result, it’s fairly common for pet owners to hire pet sitters to care for their pets when needed.

Compared to being a vet, pet sitters don’t require any formal education or training. However, having experience caring for pets will be key. At 2 Paws Up Inc, we require all of our pet sitters and dog walkers to become certified in pet first aid and CPR, as well as certified in our online training program, prior to actively pet sitting. It’s important to have a continued education program in place to encourage pet sitters to become familiar with all types of pets, and allow them information on how to deal with a variety of pet health care situations.

Hence, if you are a pet parent yourself, starting a pet-sitting business can be a great source of secondary income. Plan to start small by caring for pets in your neighborhood or family pets. Once you get a hang of it, promote your services through social media and invest in creating a comfortable home environment on your property. 

Animal Trainer

For individuals interested in animal behavior and training, becoming an animal trainer is a good option. The key responsibility of trainers is to teach pets how to be obedient and follow commands such as sit, come, stay, run, etc. Additionally, they train pet owners on how to behave around pets to ensure they remain obedient, reducing the chances of them running away or being unpredictable, especially around strangers.


As reported by the Central Florida Zoo, zoos play an important role in the rehabilitation and protection of animals across the world. Most animals in zoos are rescued from their natural habitat owing to injury, family loss, or abandonment. While at the zoo, they are cared for by zookeepers who are responsible for their well-being through diet management, medication, training, and, most importantly, helping the animal assimilate with others of the same species. This is key as most animals in the wild, even predators such as lions, live in packs.


Create a Great Resume

Whether you want to enroll for a DVM or start a pet-based business, creating a resume will be an important step in the process. A resume is a medium through which you can communicate your skills and expertise to recruiters and clients. 

Here are a few tips to follow for creating a great resume:

  • Categorically list your experience from the latest to the oldest position
  • Include numbers and percentages to highlight the outcome of your efforts. 
  • Limit your resume to two pages. In some cases, even a one-page resume will suffice. 
  • In addition to work experience, include extracurricular achievements, volunteer experience, and language skills.

Rather than trying to create a resume from scratch, you can use a free resume builder, which provides a host of customizable templates to choose from. Depending on the application, you can edit the resume in just a few clicks and make a great impression on clients. 

Regardless of the career path you choose, it is bound to be a rewarding experience. Additionally, you’ll make a positive impact not only on animal lives but on the community as a whole. In addition to developing experience, landing your dream job will require a great resume, hence allocate ample time toward that as well.



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