Being Thankful For Our Pets

Since November is the month of gratitude, many of us stop to reflect on how thankful we are for our family and friends. This is all great – but don’t forget about how thankful we should also be for our pet companions and be sure to include our four-legged friends in our blessings. 

Research shows that regularly giving thanks makes all of us happier, so let’s talk about the reasons we’re thankful for our pets!


Unconditional Love

Your cat or dog doesn’t care about what you’re wearing, how you look when you wake up in the morning, or how you look after a “ruff” night! They see us at our best and worst, but they never judge us. All they want to do is spend time with you. Cat’s often show their affection by purring or rubbing their heads against you. A dog’s sign of affection includes tail wagging, lying on their back, trying to snuggle next to you, or lots of licking. They love us no matter what, even if we are not feeling much love toward ourselves. They greet us when we come home and show how much they’ve missed us, and it’s always nice to have someone to come home to. 


They Keep Us Healthier

Pets help us stay physically healthier. Dogs and cats keep us constantly moving, whether it be by chasing them around, playing with them, going on walks, or cleaning up after them. By moving around, this helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for heart-related issues.

Pets also provide mental wellbeing. It is scientifically proven that animals can reduce a person’s stress level. Pet owners often experience less loneliness and have a higher level of emotional well-being. Furthermore, some studies show that our pets can boost the cognitive ability of people over the age of 65. People managing depression or anxiety should be thankful for all the ways their furry friends add to their emotional wellbeing.


Social Connection

Pet owners can instantly turn into social butterflies and give us a chance to meet new people. It’s hard going on a dog walk or hanging out at the dog park and not stopping to chat with other dog owners, allowing not only us but our furry friends to make new friends. For cat owners, cat cafes allow us a chance to meet new friends too.


Protection Provider

No matter the size of your cat or dog, they are ready to protect you with their keen sense of hearing. It is scientifically proven that cats and dogs have better hearing than humans, thus, they are able to detect potential danger in advance of what we could hear. Furthermore, even the smallest of dogs can easily deter a stranger from our home.


Make Us Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine! Whether it be the sleeping position they’re in, the way they beg for food, how they chase their toys, or the funny expressions on their faces, you can’t help but laugh at them.  All animals (like humans) have their unique personalities and unique ways of being funny. Our pet companions fill our days with laughter and bring so much happiness. 


Give Us Purpose And Responsibility

Caring for someone other than yourself gives you great joy. Our dogs and cats show us appreciation every time we feed them or take care of them. Every day, our pets depend on us to meet their needs by feeding them promptly and providing their essential care. The act of caring for any animal provides many life lessons on how to be a responsible caretaker and truly fosters a sense of purpose to all pet owners. 


Give Thanks To Your Pet

So during this month of gratitude, be sure to give thanks to our wonderful pets by letting them know just how much they mean to us, as well as how much better our life is, by having them in it. Our furry friends really complete our families and turn our houses into homes. While everyone’s reasons for being thankful for their pets may vary, we have no doubt that your pet gives you plenty to be thankful for all year long.



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