Dog Exercise – How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday

When it comes to dog exercise, you probably might be wondering, “how much exercise does a dog need every day?

Just like humans, the answer varies from dog to dog. This depends on the health of the dog, age and breed. But before that, let’s get to know about the importance of dog exercise.


The Importance of Dog Exercise

Physical fitness may be achieved and maintained by regular exercise. It is likely that there is no direct correlation between regular exercise and disease prevention. It is not true that participating in regular exercise will avoid respiratory problems.

However, the indirect association is that a lack of exercise leads to obesity. And obesity increases the risks of so many other diseases.

The health of a dog’s joints may be preserved to a large extent by engaging in regular exercise. Exercise on a regular basis has also been related to a decrease in fear in dogs especially in exotic bully dogs

Recent research found that dogs that were exercised for longer periods of time had lower levels of aggression. In addition, they demonstrate less fear of people and objects and lower levels of anxiety than dogs that get less exercise.

Due to the persuasiveness of the facts, a number of countries have considered mandating dog walking.

In Germany, a rule was passed in 2020 that required dog owners to exercise their dogs twice a day for at least one hour.

“Dogs are not cuddly toys,” said the minister who was responsible for the law a while back. They, too, have requirements that must be taken into consideration, and it is essential that these be met.”

Exercise is essential to a dog’s mental well-being and, subsequently, its behaviour. Not only can exercise help a dog maintain a healthy weight, but it may also assist relieve stress and avoid a range of diseases.


How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday?

Exercise is very important to keep a dog mentally fit and healthy. The amount of exercise that a dog needs every day will be discussed in the following headings.


How Much Exercise Does a Puppy Need Everyday?

Puppies, in comparison to adult dogs, often have more energy. As a result, they need more exercise that consists of quick bursts of activity, such as zoomies.

Due to the quick growth of puppies, it is preferable to take them out for many shorter walks. You can also take your puppy for play sessions throughout the day rather than one very long stroll. This is because one really long stroll may be too taxing on the developing body of your puppy.

The more time you spend with your puppy, the more you’ll discover how much exercise your puppy needs to be happy.

Discuss with your veterinarian or breeder the appropriate amount of daily exercise for your puppy. Don’t forget that playing is a great time to train and socialize with your new dog.

How Much Exercise Does an Adult Dog Need Everyday?

The breed of your dog has a significant impact on the amount of daily physical exercise he requires. 

Low-energy dogs like the Bulldog and Basset Hound require less exercise than Border Collies and Belgian Malinois.

Adult dogs often do not need as much care as puppies do. Nonetheless, the majority of adult dogs still need at least half an hour up to two hours of daily exercise.

The health of your dog is another crucial consideration. Talk to your veterinarian about a suitable workout routine for your adult dog. 

If the dog has a medical condition such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, or respiratory problems, visit a veterinarian. 

This routine should help your dog remain healthy without causing him any pain while he is exercising.

How Much Exercise Does a Senior Dog Need Everyday?

Your senior dog may not be able to run as long as she once did, and you may ultimately have to reduce her run to a stroll. Just as for your puppy, it is also essential for your senior dog to get the appropriate amount of exercise.

Discuss with your vet how to exercise your senior dog, and watch the dog’s behaviour.

As the dog’s owner, you know how much regular exercise your dog can handle.

Dog exercise provides mental and physical stimulation. These help dogs live longer and lower their chance of becoming overweight.


Simple Hacks to Exercise Your Dog

After knowing how much exercise a dog needs every day, the next thing you need to know is how to exercise your dog. 

Changing up your dog’s routine is a great way to keep their mind and body in good shape. If you need some ideas, try some of the following hacks outlined below.


Walking should be part of every dog’s everyday routine to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Most dogs need to go for at least one or two walks a day unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian.

A fast walk is a great way for your dog to burn off extra energy. A leisurely, meandering stroll in which you let your dog smell and explore for as long as they want is beneficial to their mental health.



If your dog likes water, swimming is a great option, and it’s also very easy on their joints. Make sure you follow water safety tips to keep your dog safe in a pool, the ocean, a river, or a lake.


Running with your dog is a great way to stay healthy. Just make sure that you go about the exercise in a slow manner at first.

Start by adding short bursts of light jogging to your normal walk. Over time, you can work up to longer stretches.


Every dog should have time to play every day. Playing a game with your dog is a simple but effective way to keep him happy and active when you can’t take him for a walk.

Depending on their breed and attitude, your dog may like chasing and retrieving a toy. Your dog may also like playing tug of war, hide and seek, or playing a scent game to locate their favourite toy.

Remember not to throw sticks because they can hurt your dog. Instead, choose dog toys.


Agility is a pleasant way of exercising your dog, especially if they are smart and like to take on new challenges.

It means teaching your dog to get through a course with jumps, tunnels, and even seesaws.

It’s also a great way to get to know your dog better and get them used to being around other dogs.


Training should be a regular routine for all dogs. It keeps your dog’s mind busy, perpetuates commands, keeps them from getting bored, and is a great way to spend time with them.



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