Exercising Your Developing Puppy

A puppy progresses almost like children do – they need to eat, sleep, and learn new things along the way.  We need to constantly be interacting and playing with our puppy to give him exercise and keep him mentally and physically fit. Puppies can be quite active and they need exercise to keep them in good shape.


Playing with Siblings at 4-8 Weeks

During the 4-8 week old stage, he begins to interact with his siblings and will also learn how to play.  Weaning happens around this time and Mom will teach her mischievous brood a few manners.  They are not ready to be separated from Mom as she has a few more things to teach them.  


Teach Simple Behaviors at 8 Weeks

Once puppies reach about 8 weeks old, some will be faced with fear.  Things they used to be accustomed to now terrify them.  Do not yell or scream at the puppy or isolate him during this time.  This is the time to teach simple behaviors such as sit and stay.


The Independent 3 Month Puppy

At 3 months, the puppy will be more independent every day.  He will challenge you by not doing the simple commands he already knows.  He will want to “play wrestle”, and even if you win, the puppy will still think it is alright to fight with you, which can lead to other bad behaviors down the road.


Puppy Teenage Stage

4 months brings the teenage stage.  He will go through hormonal changes and have an even lesser desire to do what you say.  He will also go through teething.  Always have something cold, if possible, for the pup to chew on.  This stage ends at six months which is the perfect time to spay or neuter.


Best Puppy Exercise – WALKS!

Usually a brisk 30-60 minute walk can be quite invigorating for them.  If you are unable to do this every day, ensure your yard has more than adequate space for the pup to run around in and play.  You can even take the dog to a walking trail or train your dog to walk on the treadmill with you.  This will afford both of you some great time together and good exercise too.


Formulate an Exercise Plan

Evaluate your dog’s needs and formulate an exercise plan that will work for both of you.  A young puppy might like to go for a run whereas an older dog may just enjoy a nice leisurely walk.  Start out with puppies for about 15 minutes.  Build up to an hour as they get bigger and can handle it.

If you like to walk at night, use some reflective or light colored clothing so that cars will see you on the side of the road.  The best time to exercise your puppy is either right before or right after they have eaten.  You should provide him with very small amounts of water, because a full stomach may cause it to be upset.

Upon arriving back home from your walk, check the animal’s paws to make sure there is nothing stuck in it.  Items such as glass, burrs, ice, and rocks can be removed immediately.  


Fetch as Exercise

Teaching your dog how to play “Fetch” can also be great exercise.  Start by rolling a toy a short distance away from the puppy and letting him go get it.  As he gets older, increase the distance you throw the toy for him.  Always give praise when he gets the toy and bring it back to you!


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