How to Get Your Pet July Fourth Ready

July 4th is just around the corner.  I can practically smell the burgers already.  While we are setting up the grill and waiting for the fun to begin, we must remember our pets.  The beautiful spectacle of fireworks we enjoy is traumatic for a lot of our animal friends. We know that when your pets are stressed, so are you.  They are family, after all. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to make our furry friends more comfortable during the noise. 2 Paws Up Inc. is here to help make the 4th enjoyable for everyone, pets included.

Leave Your Pet Home

It is understandable to always be with your pets.  If you are going out this 4th of July, they are better off at home.  Your pet will want to be somewhere comfortable and familiar. Fireworks may cause your pet to run off.  One in five pets goes missing after being scared by a loud noise, according to the ASPCA. We don’t want your Independence Day to turn into a frantic search for your loved one.

Burn Their Energy Early

Fireworks can’t scare your pups if they are asleep.  If you spend the day being active, they will relax easier once night falls.  Besides, they deserve some Independence Day fun as well. Think about spending the day at the park.  Or you could simply head to the backyard and toss the ball around. Just be sure and have everyone take plenty of water breaks.

Find a Quiet Spot

Interior bedrooms with curtains are best.  Wherever you can block out the noise and light is best.  If they don’t have a dog bed, take some sheets and pile them up on the floor.  Give your buddy his or her favorite toy and maybe even a treat. They will think you are just giving them the pampering they deserve.  We’ll keep the secret that you’re preventing all-out panic.


If you can’t get your pets to sleep before the fireworks begin, distraction is Plan B.  Turn on some music or the television. Also, leave on as many lights as you can. Your goal is to drown out both the noise and the flashing light.  Once you have that covered, try to get your dog playing tug of war or your cat chasing a toy. Hopefully, you can still get them to sleep before long.

Medicate Ahead of Time

If your veterinarian has put your pet on anxiety medication, make sure it is on board before the fireworks begin.  You can then help him, or her get settled into a comfortable spot. Thunder jackets may also be helpful for your dog or cat.  Again, you want to make sure they are wearing it before the festivities begin. 2 Paws Up Inc. hopes you have a fantastic and stress-free July 4th.  We are grateful to the men and women, past and present, who make our freedom possible.  Have fun, be safe, and remember to tuck the fur babies in early. Please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.



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