6 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Exercise

Dogs have a unique way of bringing the best out of us and we love them for it.  But it’s not just all about good times and companionship – it’s about good physical and mental health too.  Just as exercise is important for our health it is likewise important to our dogs.

You should be asking yourself:

  • Does your dog get enough exercise?
  • Do you play with and walk your dog as much as you should?
  • Does your dog have a job that gives him/her purpose?


This post is all about what your dog needs from you.  In the following list we’re going to lay out the physical and mental benefits your dog gets from daily exercise and having a purpose.  And, we’re going to discuss why exercise is so important to the bonding between you and your best friend.


The 6 Best Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Exercise:

1)  Reduces Anxiety―Many dogs suffer anxiety in various forms.  Separation anxiety is probably the most common type.  Basically, dogs don’t like being left alone anywhere, anytime once they associate with a particular person or human family.  Regular exercise and play will greatly reduce or even eliminate this anxiety.  It is thought that exercise produces an endorphin effect in dogs similar to that experienced by people who routinely workout.  Dogs that are not regularly exercised tend to seek attention through “bad dog” behavior like nervous displays or destructive habits.


2) Promotes Good Health―Just like us people, proper exercise promotes good physical and mental health in dogs.  Key here is that the exercise is the proper kind for your dog.  Just because you like jogging doesn’t mean that your huge Mastiff or dainty Pom will.  Also, before putting your pooch through the paces be sure to get your vet to examine him or her.  The vet will make specific suggestions that fit the breed or if any noted health issues are a concern.


3) Bonds You With Your Dog―Exercise is the “secret sauce” that bonds you and your dog.  It is your time together―whether for work, play, or just a good belly scratch―it’s your time together, and it’s time well spent.  It’s time you’ll never get back so spend it wisely for the benefit of both you and your pooch.  Your dog is your best friend so don’t let him or her get fat and bored.  A fat dog will not live as long as a fit dog of the same breed and a bored dog will be a problem dog.  Bored dogs will develop bad, destructive behaviors like biting, snarling, growling, digging, running off, and incessant barking.  Bond with your dog and always be his or her best friend.


4) Helps With Training―Dogs like to run, play, and learn.  An actively engaged dog will be a well-adjusted dog―mentally and physically.  Exercise doesn’t just burn calories; it also stimulates the dog’s body and mind.  It re-enforces the dog’s training and helps him or her retain the learned behavior.  Key to it is to keep it up throughout the dog’s life.  Don’t stop training and re-enforcing the training just because your dog reaches a certain age.


5) Socializes Your Dog―Physically active dogs that are regularly taken out for exercise, training, and playtime get to experience many different people, places, things, and other pets.  These excursions nicely round out the dog’s disposition and teaches him or her to play well with others.  But remember that dogs will be dogs.  At the end of the day, you are in charge and you are responsible for your dog’s behavior.


6) Re-enforces Obedience―Without obedience there can be no effective training or socializing.   A well trained, fit and healthy dog is a friendly, sociable dog.  He or she will enjoy pleasing you and being with you.  That, in turn, will lead to successful training and a desire in the dog to please you.  The dog will be obedient to you and will behave in a way that will get your love and approval.


In Conclusion

We’ve highlighted 6 primary reasons why exercise is so important to your relationship with your dog and its well-being.  You’ve chosen to have a dog in your life so be sure you are a big part of your dog’s life too.   Owning a dog is a big responsibility that takes a lot of dedicated love, nurturing, and training.  Be a happy dog parent with a happy dog!  



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