Cat Cafes – A Must For Cat Lovers

Cafes for cats have become popular worldwide, with many turning up around the United States. These cafes not only offer caffeinated beverages, but also the chance to play and snuggle with cats.


Purpose Of Cat Cafes

Cafes for cats are not just for entertainment. Many cafes support cat rescue by bringing rescue cats to the cafe. It helps make room at the shelters for more cats and gives the cats at the cafes more visibility for adoption.

When visiting cafes for cats, you also help the cats by giving them socialization and playtime. You may just fall in love with one! If so, you may end up adopting them and taking them home!

All cafes for cats must conform to local health codes. If they sell drink and food, you and the cats are most likely separated by glass so you can watch them while you get a bite to eat. Some cat cafes don’t sell beverages or food but will let you bring your own.

Many cafes for cats offer special events such as yoga with cats. Some cafes also let you book the cafe for special events like parties or showers. Always check with the cafe for a listing of hours and special events.


Cat Cafes Worth A Visit

Le Cat Cafe/Philadelphia – Founder Kathy Jordan also founded Green Street rescue, which is a nonprofit organization providing care for homeless cats in Philadelphia. Green Street Rescue practices TNRN which is a trap, neuter, return, manage, for feral cat communities in the city. They also take in friendly homeless cats and bring them to the cafe to help find forever homes for them.

It opened in 2016 and the volunteer staff has adopted over 600 cats. The cafe wants the cats to gain exposure, so they find homes and have a comfortable place to hang out. If you like Paris, you will like the cafe. It looks like a Paris cafe, even with a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the front. Once you are inside, you can watch many cats run and climb across the rafters, or you may want to play with them using some of their favorite toys.

You do have to pay to play with the felines, and it is encouraged to make reservations, but you can walk in.

KitTea Cat Cafe/San Francisco – One of the oldest cafes for cats in the United States. They officially opened their doors to the public in June 2015, but it was established in late 2013. At that time, there were no other cat cafes in the United States.

The cafe has been described as light and airy with touches of playfulness and has advised some other cafes around the country about what makes good cafes work. The cafe is the forever home for 13 feline residents but has worked with many cat rescue programs to feature adoptable cats. They’ve given sanctuary to many cats that were considered unadoptable.

You can come in and play with the cats for an hourly fee. The cats go crazy for a catnip-filled cactus, which is located in the cafe. People who are allergic to cats or want to eat something can sit in the cafe section and watch through the glass. This is a sanctuary for felines, but also for people who enjoy them.

Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge/St. Louis, MO – This cafe partners with Stray Haven Rescue, which is a rescue taking in cats from high-kill shelters. There are 18 cats available for adoption at the cafe on any given day, and there are also two resident cats.

The cafe was founded in 2016. People can go there after a busy day and just chill and relax. The owners have tried to create a magical experience. A lot of people are surprised to find the cafe since there are not many cat cafes in the Midwest. Most people have never been to a place like this, and the owners try to give it a boutique cafe experience.

The owner suggests that dog people should even give it a try. Dog lovers usually like the place within 15 minutes as the cats can win them over. The cafe charges a fee to play with the cats and packages are available for reservations of 1 hour that include drink and food purchases. If space allows, walk-ins are acceptable.

These are a few options for cat cafes across the country. This may be a new concept, but playing with cats has been around for a while, and enjoyed by many!



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