Why you need a Golden Doodle- The Perfect Designer Dog

Fancy, cute, and adorable! Famous for their affectionate personality, and playful nature, Golden Doodle is one of the most pleasing dog breeds. The designer breed is a hybrid of Golden Retriever and Poodle and possesses a good set of qualities from either parent.

Golden Doodles are fond of humans, and that is what makes them a great pet for first-timers. It’s allergy-friendly and gentle, all while being physically fit and intelligent.

I love Golden Doodles, and here are the reasons why you will love them too!

Choose your favored size

With one parent being a poodle, the golden doodle is prevalent in many sizes. You can find either a standard-sized poodle, a medium one, or a miniature breed. Standard doodles are as big as 21 inches tall weighing around 100 pounds. Whereas the smallest one ranges from 12-15 inches tall with weight ranging from 15-30 pounds. Be it the standard-sized doodle or the baby-sized, they both look equally adorable leaving you with no choice but to care for them.

Looks like a teddy bear

With a fluffy brown hair coat, smiling your way, this breed looks almost like a teddy bear. Though it comes in shades of white, black, and even red, gray, and blue, the brown one looks the best.

Super Athletic

This breed of dog loves going for walks and runs with its owner to fill up its moderate activity level. The activity level is found to be increased with age, but a decent playtime is their need. This not only keeps the dog healthy but also acts as a bonding time for the dog and its owner. It might not seem that way, but a golden doodle is strong and intelligent enough to participate in dog sports. It’s especially crazy about swimming and playing games. People have used them for nursing therapy because of their exceptional discipline and loyalty.

So, the next you plan on going on an adventure trip, let this young fellow tag along with you.

Perfect for people with allergies

Like their parents, the golden doodle breed is also famous amongst people with allergies. No dog is indeed allergy-free, but with this dog, the chances are very less. That is because many times, the allergies are not due to the hair shedding, but a protein in their coats. Know your allergies, followed by appropriate care and hygiene, the allergy probability can be minimized.  With compliance with your dog breeder, you can opt for a doodle breed that sheds very little.

Socializing is a piece of cake

For golden doodles, making friends and playing outside is a piece of cake. Rated as 100% cat-friendly, this breed drools at the thought of frisbee and fetch. The majority of the golden doodle breeds are extremely friendly, and within minutes can grow fond of you, your friends, and even your other pets. These traits make us like this breed even more. Forget about loud and barking dogs and allow this calm and friendly pet to spoil you with his affection.

Don’t forget to brush them

Also termed as Groodles, the golden doodle sports a fluffy and curly fur set. That is why vets suggest time to time grooming to keep their hair healthy and detangled. After every two months, you might require professional help. But otherwise, weekly sessions will do the job, especially for curly coats. Also, as they are prone to dry skin, so bathing should only be done when needed.

Long-living fellas

On average, Groodles easily pass the lifespan mark of 12-15 years- that too very healthily, making them an ideal choice for your apartment. Just make sure you are taking good care of it, and habitually visiting the vet as it can develop skin and bone issues. Over time, they become susceptible to retina and water issues as well due to their love for swimming, so watch out for that. 

Therefore, before getting one golden doodle, verify its health and ensure that it’s in the best state. Only then you and the dog can spend quality time together.

I’m sure after all these you are also finding yourself curious to have a pet dog. Trust me, with Golden Doodles you can never go wrong. Be it in your apartment, flat, or even out on a trip, this pet can always be there to give you company

Till then, Happy Groodling!

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