How to Deal With Common Behavior Issues

Training can be looked at as having at least two major facets.  The first is teaching behaviors we want our pups to exhibit.  That’s the fun part.  Another facet, that is perhaps less enjoyable, is addressing problem behavior.  Good dogs occasionally do bad things.  We can help them and ourselves by not responding with anger or punishment.  Instead, it’s our job to address these issues as an opportunity for learning.  Instead of looking at it as “breaking” bad behavior, let’s think of it as teaching the right behavior.  2 Paws Up Inc. is here to help with some tips on how to stop common behavior issues.


Barking at the Doorbell

Upside – dog owners never have to wonder if someone is at the door.  Downside – barking is kind of obnoxious.  I’m sure our dogs would tell us that they are just saying hello.  Barking can be fixed with some misdirection.  If you’ve already taught them to “place”, this is a great opportunity to use it.  Teach your pup that they will not get to see who is at the door until they are at their place and quiet.  Then you may be able to answer the door without that vein popping out on your forehead.  



As a puppy, my Golden Retriever made a valiant attempt to reach the earth’s core.  Digging was an obsession.  Thankfully, things have changed.  Digging may be a symptom of our dog’s needs not being met.  Bored dogs often dig.  In this case, the behavior can be rectified with a regular walk and plenty of toys to chew on.  Positive reinforcement is also helpful when your dog comes back inside without digging.  Simply reward them with a small training treat.  You may also go outside with him or her for a while.  Then there is a chance to redirect them when they get that look in their eye.  We hope this helps save your yard.



Begging is often a behavior that we are partly responsible for.  Maybe your child’s vegetables disappeared off their plate and you hear chomping noises under the table.  After just a couple of successful attempts, dogs will learn that begging gets results.  Stopping begging requires a united front.  Once everyone is on the same page, it’s time for the distraction.  Food puzzles are a great way to slow your dog’s eating and give your family some peace.  You deserve to eat without eyes staring up at you.  


Scratching the Door

For many of us, it’s easy to tell that we have dogs without even seeing our pups.  They like to leave “I was here” marks on our doors by scratching.  This behavior is aggravating and costly.  First, let’s do some detective work.  Is your dog scratching because they are not being let out when they need to go?  If this is the case, simply let them out more often.  They may also scratch after being outside for too long.  It may also be helpful to apply double-sided tape to your door.  Dogs don’t like the way it feels.  You can also teach your dog to ring bells when they need to go out.  


We hope that these tips will help alleviate some of your puppy problems.  For further help, please remember that we have a wonderful trainer ready to help.  We offer a variety of training packages for you to choose from.  We are also here for your pet sitting needs.  Please give us a call and continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.



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