What to Know About Housetraining

Housetraining is usually the first skill owners attempt to train. Good housetraining goes a long way toward keeping the peace with a new dog. It also helps to keep those pet stains to a minimum. Puppies and older adopted dogs need housetraining instruction. This important skill is rarely easy to teach. Puppies are easily excited and distracted. One squeak of a toy and they’re gone. Older adopted dogs may be set in their ways. So, what are the important things to know about housetraining?

Regular Trips Outside

Regularly taking your dog outside is helpful. It gets puppies used to being outside. Taking them outside often increases the chance they will be outside when they need to go. This doesn’t mean leave them unattended. It is important to monitor your dog in the beginning. It only takes a second for them to find mischief.


Like with any training, positive reinforcement leads to success. When your dog uses the bathroom outdoors, give them a small treat. Pet stores usually carry treats specifically for training. Keep a jar of them close to the door and give your dog one when they void outdoors. It
may help to give another treat once they’re indoors, so they know this is a step of the process. Be sure to praise when you give the reward. After all, didn’t bribes and compliments always work on us as kids?

Feed On a Schedule

Dogs will usually need to go outside soon after eating. If you feed at a certain time every day and then take them out, it starts to build a routine. Dogs look to us for cues on what to do. Feeding and going outside after is one building block for the structure you’re developing.

Use a Leash

Using a leash is helpful in the beginning. Puppies are likely to get distracted without one. It gives you the ability to direct your dog. Take them to the same general area every time. This adds to the routine and shows them that there is a designated spot for voiding. You can then bring them indoors without any holes getting dug.

Don’t Punish Accidents

Accidents will happen. It is important to not resort to punishing your dog. This can easily make them afraid to go in front of you. Rubbing their nose in it is an outdated and harmful behavior. Simply interrupt them and bring them outside. If they finish going outdoors, reward the

Plan for When You’re Away

It’s understandable that you have to leave your house. But we cannot abandon the training and simply clean it up later. Instead, plan ahead and call a friend or 2 Paws Up Inc. to come let them out. Consistency is an absolute necessity to any training. If you can’t arrange for someone to come in, teach them to void in a specific spot. This will reaffirm that there is a process to follow under any circumstances.

We at 2 Paws Up Inc. hope that these tips are helpful. Remember, the path to success is rarely a straight line. Accidents and distractions will happen. Try and remain patient. Then call us in for support. Please give us a call for your training and pet sitting needs. Also, continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips. We are available in parts of Gwinnett and DeKalb Counties for both Dog Training and Pet Sitting.



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