What Not to do During Dog Training

Training a dog is a complicated undertaking. That’s why people go to school to learn how to properly and safely train the pups. It’s always best to have a professional on your side. The wrong kind of training is often highly detrimental. It can teach a behavior you ultimately don’t want, create tension between you and your furry friend, and make learning unnecessarily difficult for you and your dog. So, what are some things we absolutely want to avoid during dog training?

Waiting Too Long

The old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is NOT true. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start training as early as possible. Starting training during the puppy stage prevents the dog from learning any bad behaviors. That’s not to say that we can prevent mischief altogether. But we can redirect them to the right behavior before it becomes a pattern. It’s always best to stop a problem as early as possible. 

Stopping Too Soon

Think of dog training like sending kids to school. We don’t learn everything there is to know in the first grade. Similarly, a dog cannot be fully trained after only a couple of weeks. Successful training requires spending time reinforcing the good behaviors. 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Care and Dog Training is ready and willing to put in the necessary time to help your pup become successful.

Getting Angry

Training can be outright frustrating. If you’ve been working for a week straight and then your dog decides to dig up the yard, it’s only natural to get mad. But it’s important to not let that anger influence how we train. That’s why we are here. Our dog trainers have seen it all and know how to stay calm in the face of maximum mischief. He’s there to support you during the frustrating times.


It’s never necessary to use aggression and pain to get what you want from your dog. Things like yelling, hitting, and leash-jerking are harmful and not things that good dog trainers do. They are harmful and counterproductive to having a happy and well-trained dog. Successful training comes from building a bond of trust with your dog. Aggression is NOT part of that equation.

Forgetting Reinforcement

Just as we have to teach our dogs what not to do, we have to reinforce good behavior. This requires a lot of praise and rewards. Even something as simple as coming when called needs to be reinforced. That’s why it’s useful to keep training treats in your pocket or somewhere close. It may seem excessive to reward every positive behavior at first, but it will pay off.

Not Pushing the Boundaries

Think about learning to drive. Most of us started out very slowly in a parking lot. Eventually, however, we had to push the boundaries. We had to hit the roads and eventually the highways. Just like with driving, the boundaries of training must eventually be pushed. Everything starts around the home. The real test begins when our furry friends get out into the world. Our skilled trainer will work with you to determine when your dog is ready for that.

We hope these tips are helpful in your dog’s journey to becoming a certified good boy or girl. Although we at 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Care and Dog Training think all dogs are great, we want to help them reach their full potential. Please give us a call at 770-695-3096 for your dog training pet sitting, and dog walking needs. Don’t forget to continue following our blog.



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