What to Look For in a Dog Trainer

Our dogs mean the world to us. Just as we wouldn’t trust everyone with caring for our human family, it is important to be selective when hiring a pet sitter or trainer. Good training early on in life sets a dog up for success and happiness in the future. Improper training, on the other hand, is truly difficult to repair. We know that you want only the best for your pups. Everyone at 2 Paws Up Inc. looks at your pets as an extension of our family. We wouldn’t want you to have anyone but the best trainer available. So, what are the qualities of a top-notch dog trainer? 



Successful training doesn’t happen overnight. Dogs, like humans, are individuals and learn things at their own pace. Puppies, especially, have energy that far exceeds their attention span. There is so much in the world for them to take in, and they usually want to take in most of it through their mouths. Great trainers know how to contend with these challenges. Training requires repetition and a willingness to put in the time and effort. Our pups will not learn a skill on the first try, and that’s okay. Good trainers have the patience to understand that mistakes will happen. They then put in the time to rectify those mistakes with kindness. 


A Positive Attitude 

Being positive in any endeavor increases the chance of success. This is especially true in dog-training. Dogs are highly skilled at reading the energy we give off. As you’ll remember from our last blog, much of a dog’s communication is through body language. Great trainers convey a positive attitude through both verbal and non-verbal communication. This gets your pup excited about training. A positive trainer gets positive results. 



Trying to train a dog without the support of the family just doesn’t make sense. The best trainers know the importance of teamwork. They know that a dog’s family members are a huge asset. Dog owners have already established a trusting relationship with their pup. With this in mind, the trainer will make the family members an integral part of the team. Our trainer brings you in on the training session and then gives you things to work on when she isn’t there. Cooperation empowers both people and dogs alike.


A Good Listener 

Our trainer knows that you, the dog mom or dad, understand your pup the best. You are with them every day. With that in mind, she listens to what you have to say. Part of her cooperative attitude is understanding your perspective and thoughts on the training process. She knows that the best teachers and trainers listen as much as they talk, if not more. 



Our trainer will be there when she says she will. Bambi provides training that will become a part of your dog’s everyday routine. You and your dog will learn that he or she can depend on her and the training she provides. With this consistency, your pup will soon learn to expect and look forward to learning new skills. Before long your pup will start exhibiting the desired behaviors. 


These are just some of the qualities that 2 Paws Up Inc dog trainers strive for in their work. The goal is to always have happy dog parents and a happy and well-trained dog. It is truly a passion of our dog trainers. Each of our dog trainers look forward to working with you and your dog in the near future. Please give us a call at 770-695-3096, for your dog training and pet sitting needs. Don’t forget to follow our blog page! Have a dog-gone great day!



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