Essential Tips for Moving Houses with Pets

Moving to a new house can be hard on pets. Our animals are creatures of habit, so changing their surroundings might be a challenge for them. When it comes time to buy a new home and move your family, use this guide to help you make your pet comfortable throughout the process.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable While Selling Your Home

It might be very unnerving for your pet to have strangers walking through your home during showings, so consider heading out on a walk or going for a drive while it’s being shown.

  • Either go for a long walk or consider boarding your pet if you’re doing a full weekend of showings.
  • Keep your home clean using these tips.
  • If you have to keep your pet at home, consider putting them in a carrier or pen during the showing.
  • Ask your real estate agent for advice on showing a house with animals present.
  • You also should discuss the particulars of the housing market wherever you’re searching.


Making Moving Day Easier on Your Pet

Moving day can be hard for everyone, but use these tips to reduce your pet’s stress.

  • You may want to have a pet sitter watch your cat or dog during your move so you can focus on the task.
  • Take your pet to the vet before the move and consider getting anti-anxiety meds if your dog or cat suffers from anxiety.
  • Consider these tips for moving with a dog.


Helping Your Pet Settle in a New Home

Just like us, pets need time to settle into new surroundings—here’s how you can help.

  • Keep to a normal schedule and be sure to set up their bed and food bowls in obvious places.
  • When moving with a cat, keep them indoors for at least two weeks.
  • Be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise to help relieve stress and to introduce them to their new neighborhood.

Moving is hard on most people, and pets are no different. Keep to routines as much as possible and help them adjust to their new surroundings with familiar items and smells.



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