10 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Cool Pets

Not everyone is an avid dog or cat lover.  Some folks just prefer a pet of a different kind ―they don’t need the biggest dog or the smartest cat in the neighborhood.  These pet parents just want a pet they can take care of, enjoy watching, and heap lots of love on.


Terrarium animals like toads and tortoises are fun to watch, small mammals like guinea pigs and hamsters are cool too.  But, rabbits reign supreme over them all.  Rabbits tick all the boxes.  They are fun to watch, fun to care for, and they love being loved.  Rabbits are just very cool pets and here are 10 reasons why:


  1. Sweet personalities―Just like any dog or cat, every rabbit displays a distinct personality.  They can be the most loving creatures recognizing their human’s features, touch, and body language.
  2. Bond well―Rabbits bond well with their owner and are experts at strumming their human’s heartstrings.  They seem to love watching their human’s movements and moods.  Rabbits are quick to learn when it’s time to play, eat, frolic, or nap.
  3. Little noise ―Rabbits make great house pets for small houses, apartments and condo dwellers.  Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits don’t make a lot of noise.  They are mostly quiet and content―just be sure they get proper nourishment, exercise, a large, clean cage and space to exercise. You can also have a house bunny, who is allowed to run freely in some or all rooms of your house. However, you will need to bunny proof your home, protecting cables and any areas where your rabbit could gnaw or dig. It’s always best to supervise your rabbit during any time they are allowed to run free in your home.
  4. Rabbits are clean―Contrary to what some folks may think, rabbits are clean critters.  Like cats, a little ‘litter box’ training, in the beginning, will go a long way to firmly set the rules.  A nice thing about rabbits is that no special litter box is needed―just a designated corner in the cage or hutch with clean, dry bedding will do.
  5. Bedding is easy―Pet rabbit cages are easy to maintain.  Absorbent paper bedding works well for both wet and dry waste.  Wood shavings and wood pellets are not recommended as these can be toxic to rabbits.  Pine and cedar are especially dangerous.  Some packaged wood shavings like aspen are okay to use.   Timothy hay is the perfect solution because as well as using the hay for bedding a rabbit can also snack on it. Just a word of warning, don’t ever use newspapers to line your rabbit’s cage or bed because the ink and chemicals can make your bunnies sick.
  6. Rabbit rescue―Rabbits breed like….well, rabbits.   Unfortunately, people often cage their bucks and does together resulting in loads of unwanted bunnies.  So, animal shelters have lots of abandoned bunnies just waiting for a loving home.  Therefore, consider rescuing your new pet rabbit at the local shelter.
  7. Long-life rabbits―Unless they are badly stressed or there is an unknown health problem, most well-managed pet rabbits will live 8-plus years.  In fact, some small breed rabbits will live well past 8 years provided they are properly fed and cared for.  This is sweet news for anyone wanting a small pet since other mammals, like guinea pigs, live much shorter lives.
  8. Many breed choices―If you’ve decided to get a pet rabbit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  The number of recognized breeds depends on where you live.  For instance, in the U.S. there are 48 recognized rabbit breeds (2018, ARBA) and in the U.K. there are over 60 established breeds (2014, BRC).
  9. Feeding is simple―The most important element of a rabbit’s diet is hay and unlimited amounts of this should always be available. This helps to keep their teeth and digestion in good order. You may also want to supplement their diet with good quality rabbit pellets and leafy greens. My House Rabbit has some great advice on keeping your rabbit’s diet healthy. Rabbits should have access to fresh clean drinking water 24 hours a day.
  10. Rabbits are sociable―Rabbits are highly social and therefore they will live happier, healthier lives if they are kept in pairs. However, don’t match up bucks and does together―unless you’re a professional breeder.  You will have little bunnies everywhere if you make that mistake!  When it comes to bonding bunnies they are going to need to be spayed or neutered as otherwise, it’s highly likely they won’t get along.


If you have the time and space to devote to caring for a pet, then consider getting a pair of pet rabbits. You’ll love them and they’ll reward you with heaps of love, companionship, and entertainment.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and benefited from it.  Rabbits really are cool pets!


We are all working hard to make the best of things in these troubling times.  So, if you are well, then give your pet a hug and some lovin’ and take comfort in the loving companionship of your pet.  Our pets did not create this lockdown we find ourselves in, so make the most of it together with them. Be happy your best friend is there for you in these uncertain times.


None of us knows when things will return to some degree of normalcy.  Although, it’s been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining―so we now have more face time with our families, including our pets.


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