Should I Have a Cancer Specialist for My Cat

There are many common cancers out there that are seen in cats. A few of these are lymphoma, and cell tumors. These are the standards ones that most people are used to and that they see on a regular basis. There is a ton of information out there that will tell you how you can deal with these diseases and how you can get a solid prognosis on what to expect with most cases.

There are recently less and less cases that are very cut and dry in pets as of late. There are many other kinds that are requiring the treatment for cats of a specialist. There are many things that are beginning to influence the way that these situations are going. Here are a few of the factors.

  1. Geography: Although you may find many other kinds of hospitals around you, there many are not a location that has a specialist in cancer. There are many locations that may not be near you and there may also be many other referral rates and low compliance by many owners as well.
  2. The Comfort of the Owner: In many situations, the primary care vet is the one who owners have trusted their pet with since they were a puppy or a kitten. However, through all this training and experience, the faith that this person has in their vet will be higher and they will believe the advice of this person over all others.
  3. The Finances of the Owner: The cost of running a specialty service is very expensive and often has a pricing scheme. It is not easy to discuss money with owners and it is important to know that many people many are not comfortable with the process of the treatment. It is also hard for many people to see that it is ok to pay the price of the hospital and that it is important to ensure that the pet has what they need.


Many times, the owner of the pet does not understand the differences between what is offered by the hospital and what is offered by the vet. What that means is that they do not see and do not know what to make of all the available options for the pet that will allow them to be happier and healthier. It is important to ensure that the specialty areas have access to all the safety measures as well as all the required drugs that are out there for the pet.


There is also a higher price that will cover the salaries of the staff that are working 24/7 to assist with the pet. That means that is there is a complication that should arrive for the pet that they are able to have access to the most cutting-edge treatments that are available to the pet.  This is an important way to ensure that the pet can stay as healthy and happy as possible.


  1. Referring Vet Finances: If the main vet is not comfortable with taking care of the common cancers that the pet is experiencing in the house, they may not want to refer the patient to another location. This is for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that they are keeping the revenue as well as the relationship that they have with the owners to themselves.


In a few cases, the owners of the pet may also not be aware that a referral is the best option because the vet may not even suggest it. There have been many recent studies, and one of them had shown that in the case of cancer vets were only going to refer the pet, if they had good perceptions of the health status of the pet and if they are healthier. Also, the interaction between the owner and the pet can drive the outcome of the system. In addition to this, the situation of the finances of the pet owner can also drive whether a pet is referred to a specialist. There is a study here that will show as well that many vets did not think that it was a situation to treat as many of the other chronic cases. There are many factors out there that are very subjective, and these are things that doctors should probably not be deciding for owners. It is important to ensure that all these decisions are made by the owner.




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