Why is it That Some Dogs Are Aggressive

Aggression is very scary when you are not used to it, it can scare the person who the dog does not like and it can also scare the pet owner. There is a possibility that the owner of a pet may be responsible when harm is inflicted on another person. There are many people who are bitten every year. The range is around a million and that is very low when you think about how many bites there are that are not reported. There are many bite wounds that are small but issues like this need to be looked at since there are many victims who are young. Many of the victims are under 10 years of age.

There are many kinds of traits that can cause other issues as well. There is no way to be able to determine who will have this problem in the groups of age, breed, or gender. Many young dogs show that there are many traits that can be genetic as well and that means that there may be ways to work with the pet in order to reduce the incidents as well to make sure that the behavior does not become more exaggerated.

There are many signs that you can see in your pets and that means that you may see that there is an issue with the posture and the face. You also will see this in submissive behavior. There are other signs that dogs may also show that will happen when dogs feel as though they are cornered. The kinds of aggression include aggression to other dogs, dominant behavior, defensive behavior, territorial problems, predatory behavior, and also those kinds of behavior that happen by fear and also punishment. There are also other kinds as well that you may see such as:

  • A frozen stance,
  • growling,
  • biting,
  • snarling,
  • a head that is erect,
  • snapping,
  • a tail that is erect,
  • a direct stare,
  • a frozen face,
  • and other signs of aggression.

Signs of defensive aggression include a lowered head, a tail that is down and a body that is withdrawn.

What Causes This Kind of Behavior?

There are many things that lead to this kind of behavior and a few of them include sexual coming of age, genetic changes, environment, and inbreeding. There also is a large influence of pack order behavior.

Aggression, fear and other kinds of behavior are normal in dogs in some circumstances. When animals are abused, handled poorly, or are punished they may also show these symptoms and for this reason it is important to realize that dogs can be very aggressive. Living conditions can cause issues as well when dogs are frightened or afraid of being attacked by another dog as well. There are many others who may get too much spoiling and praise. That means that they also may be problematic.

When you are able to understand the development of your pets you may also see that there are many reasons that you need to make sure that you are socializing your pet. If you have a pet, you want to make sure that you get it out there and socialized in the ages of 7 to 8 weeks. You want to make sure that these puppies are able to be handled by everyone who is around them.

You will also see that there is an adolescence that sets in around 14 weeks and ends when sexual maturity has been achieved. This sort of maturity happens when puppies are a little older and they will begin to bark at strangers and then become more and more protective. You will see that males will begin to make their territory. It is important to make sure that you are introducing pets to others in the home at this time as well.

There is also a pecking order when it comes to the dogs and that means that it is very important for dogs to understand their place in the rile. So for that reason as you will spend more and more time with your pet you will see that your pet will try to make you be more and more submissive. That is important because you will see that you need to have discipline as soon as aggressive behaviors are seen in a pet. You want to take action to ensure that there is no chance that there will be aggressive behavior towards a pet in due order.



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