The Worth of Professional Pet-Sitting

Why professional pet services?

Most pet owners have neighbors, friends, or family that have cared for their animals. While this is great, a favor can often not be as reliable as a professional service. Hiring a pet sitter gives pet parents the ability to schedule what they want, when they want it, and have the comfort of knowing that it will happen. This luxury of course comes with a greater cost. Professional pet sitting companies have certain prices that account for payment of the individual pet sitter along with behind the scenes costs such as insurance, backup coverage, and open communication with pet parents. With this added cost, the client can expect more than just a friend stopping by really quick when it is convenient.


Why the cost?

When selecting a pet professional to care for your fur baby, make sure that you compare market pricing. The pricing and service fees are best for all involved when the owner and sitter are in the same area. It is important to find out where the company you are interested in is based out of. Many companies might offer deals or specials for recurring customers. Keeping a regular schedule will benefit you and your pets. If you feel uncomfortable or are curious about pricing, reach out to the company and ask what is included. Often, the company will have guaranteed service from reliable, trained sitters that are held to high standards to provide expert care. Additionally, the company might provide an online application that allows you to see when the sitter is at your house and read a journal of the visit with attached pictures.


What kind of service can I expect?

So, what’s involved with the cost. The first step with scheduling a service is a pet and pet-sitter meet and greet to make visits easier and more familiar. 2 Paws Up Inc. is dedicated to making sure your pet is well-taken care of and that the company can provide the best care possible. Often, more than one sitter will meet the pet ahead of time to make sure that there are back up sitters. Not just one staff member will be meeting with your pet. 2 Paws Up Inc. spreads the love. If one is great, more is better!

The company has professional software for scheduling visits and for keeping in contact with staff. You will have access to calling, texting, and even receiving pictures of your pets being cared for during each visit. Ideally, the visit runs smoothly, but the benefit of having professional pet sitters is they are trained to know if something is off and to keep you updated on your pets. Whether you schedule a 30-minute or hour-long visit, you know that your pet is getting someone’s full attention the entire time. Even in bad weather situations, the staff member will make sure the pet gets exercise, attention, and other needs met.


How do I know it is the best for my pet?

The professional staff members at 2 Paws Up Inc. are required to complete 8 modules of online training through FetchFind. Topics include feline fundamentals, animal communication, pet health, pet safety, equipment information, and more. In addition to the online training, the company provides monthly field training for the staff members. Some of these trainings are refresher information, while others are to give pet sitters new skills to be more experienced for current and future clients.


More Than Just Dog-Walking

2 Paws Up Inc. provides many services in addition to dog-walking. We offer pet-sitting, overnights, pet photography, and online dog training. You can sign up for training on our website. We are here to prevent and fix problems like biting, growling, barking, not listening, leash pulling, destructive behaviors, having accidents in the house, and more. We will teach you how to have a positive relationship with your dog all from the comfort and ease of your home. This can be very beneficial for dogs (and owners) that are not interested in group training or expensive personal training.


If you are ever curious about the services provided by 2 Paws Up, please reach out to us. We would love to talk to you, meet your pets, and be an extension of your family to meet the wants and needs of you and your pet.



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