What Are the Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

Dogs come in many varieties and some of these are more outgoing than others. If you like to come home and you want to be able to unwind, you are going to want one of the calmer breeds that is going to want to be a part of your lifestyle.  There are many out there that will allow you to use a breed as a general guideline, but there is going to be tons of variation in terms of what you should expect in a dog. What that means is that you need to know that the dog that you are getting is the right one before you are entering into a long-term commitment. That is something that could be about 10-12 years of your life.

When you are an introvert, your dog will provide you with companionship but will also be a great way to have other means of connecting with others when you are out and about. You are going to see that when you are an introvert, meeting people with a dog is a great way to engage with others and ensure that you can find a common interest with them. Here are some of the best breeds that work well with an introverted lifestyle.

  1. Newfoundland Dog: This is one of those dogs that is perfect for those who like to stay in. This is in fact a big dog. It is important to see that this dog is both cuddly and giant. This is a dog that is protective as well as very patient and that will shed a lot and require a lot of exercise.
  2. Chow: This is a dog that has a very well-known blue tongue and that will always bond very closely with their owner. This is also one of those dogs that is very compact as well as muscular and that is very loyal. This breed is perfect for an introvert and will always be very protective.
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This is a dog with round eyes as well as a silky dog that will always thrive when it is at home. These spaniels are one person dogs and are a huge part of the lives of their owners. They are also very sweet and attentive and do well with a quiet owner. These are dogs that became a staple of the British aristocracy in the 19th century and that has a very mellow charm. They like to play, and they are also very easy at adapting to a new lifestyle.
  4. Greyhound: This is one of those dogs that has a reserved personality that can be chill and move as you do. The dog is very graceful as well as lean and needs exercise but likes to go to the dog park on a regular basis.
  5. Shiba Inu: This is a dog that is alert, small, as well as very adaptable and is one of the most popular dogs in Japan. The dog is very sweet and curious and loves attention but not too much attention. They have very short coats and they are very prolific shedders. They were bred in the beginning as hunting dogs and have been a part of things for many years to come. These dogs make great companions at home. They are very affectionate as well. Shibas did not make their way to the USA until the 1950’s they were not recognized as a breed until 1993.
  6. Basenji: This is a dog that is very cat like in behavior. It is one of those pets that has added a huge adjustment to the urban environment in the fact that they do not bark. These are medium sized, and they have very alert ears as well as a very expressive face. They are very familiar to people and they are not timid. They love sitting in your lap.
  7. Basset Hound: This is a puppy with short legs as well as a soulful gaze that has extra sadness. It is sweet and loves its family and is a breed that can have a powerful nose as well. This is one of those dogs that is a keeper.
  8. Pug: This is an adorable dog with an expression of mischief making, making it very popular in many areas. The dog is originally from Asia and has become a staple worldwide. Pugs are very loveable and do well with everyone.



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