How to Kitten Proof Your Home

When you bring a new kitten into your home, you are doing something that is very special. You will see that this is a very special thing to do. However, it must be noted that when you have a small creature, that means that you are dependent on keeping your pet safe, happy, and well fed. You need to remember that at a very young age, your cat will be agile and quick. You need to make sure you have kitten proofed your house.

Have an Expert’s Opinion When You Need It

The very best way to go about this process is to make sure that you can ask your vet for advice when you need it. If you have not sent your cat to the first check up with a vet, this is the time to do it. You want to make sure that you can get an overview of the cat’s health as well as make sure that you are able to let the cat have a fun time. You need to let the cat explore a little beforehand.

You Need to Get Your Kitty ID

Before you bring your kitty into the house you want to make sure that they are outfitted with identification. That means that they are going to get used to their environment. A kitten will wander outside and there are many things that you can do in order to supply your pet with ID.

What About Poisons?

Before you bring your pet home, you need to take a very good look around the home. You may have pesticides as well as other kinds of bug repellant around. You may need to consider nontoxic alternatives to this. You kittens may ingest these and become very sick.

There are a few plants as well that are also very toxic to pets like lilies and many others. Kittens enjoy and love to chew on the plants and that means that you need to know what is dangerous and what is not.

Details of the Home

When your kitten finds a new place, the first thing that he or she will try to do is find a safe place. You want to make sure that you know all the places where a kitten can get stuck. Take care of these in advance so that you are prepared for whatever may come up.

Your Family Briefing

You want to make sure that your entire family cohabitates together in peace, so it is important to give all an introduction to your kitten. That means that you are going to need to let the kitten come out for a few days and build a relationship.

If there are young kids, you need to let them know that you cannot startle a kitten when it is eating. If that happens, your kitten may develop a not trusting relationship with kids. Also, it is important to make sure that the kids know that frightened kittens will scratch and bite.

Kittens and Stomach Aches

One of the most effective ways to get the trust of a kitten is to feed them. There are also many plants and foods that may cause issues for kittens. You need to make sure that you are sharing with the family what you can and cannot feed a kitten. You need to avoid feeding them things with bones, garlic, and of course chocolate.




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