National Feral Cat Day

All animals deserve love and care.  This includes the ones that don’t currently have homes.  October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. This event has raised awareness about cats without homes for the last 16 years.  National Geographic estimates that there may be as many as 70 million feral cats throughout the United States. This number is daunting, to say the least.  2 Paws Up Inc. would love for our friends to help make a difference. Together we can make that number go down. So what can we do?


Keep Cats Inside


Cats get restless, we understand.  Letting them go outside isn’t the safest answer.  Try taking your kitty on a walk with a leash. A portion of your yard can also be screened in to give them an area to run.  Cats should never be allowed to roam on their own. On their own, cats can run into trouble in many forms such as cars and wild animals.


Spay, Neuter, and Adopt


All pets should be spayed or neutered.  It decreases their chances of getting some cancers.  Additionally, it decreases the number of animals left on their own.  There are so many in shelters and on the streets already. If you want a kitten, call around to your local shelters.  Consider adopting older cats too. Skipping the “growing pains” that kittens go through makes your life easier. Older animals are adopted less than younger ones, so you will be making a difference.




Many shelters and veterinarians spay and neuter for free or at a reduced cost on this day.  The cost of doing so adds up. Find a local shelter or vet that is helping your community and donate to them.  If money is a little tight, offer your time or any extra supplies you may have. Any and all donations are always appreciated.


Alert the Right People


Different facilities use varying tactics to curb the feral population.  It is not for us to judge which is the right one. If you know of any shelters that try to adopt animals out, however, they are probably the best first choice.  It is always a win if we can find these animals a home.



Shelters can only hold so many animals.  They need our help to save as many kitties as possible.  You don’t have to take in every stray cat you find to be a huge asset.  Fostering allows you to temporarily take care of an animal until a permanent home can be found.  Contact your local shelters and see what it takes to foster.


2 Paws Up Inc. hopes that you will join us in making a difference this National Feral Cat Day.  Remember, every little bit of support helps. All animals deserve love and a safe place to live.  Together we can decrease the number of feral cats and make this a better world for cats. Let’s save the kitties.




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