Why Is My Dog Gagging So Much?

When you hear that noise again in the middle of the night you know it is never good. It is the sound of a pet gagging and then being generally uncomfortable. What can you do in those moments? Although your pet may be making a sound that they are not being hurt by, it may also be time for you to take your pet to the vet.


What is the Difference in Gagging, Coughing, and Vomiting?

When it comes to gagging it is important to understand what the noise is and how it is going to affect you. It sounds often like they are going to try and vomit while they are also in the process of coughing.

There is a huge difference in all of things and when the dog is doing each of them it is important to be able to explain to the vet what it is that is happening.

When you are looking at things, when there is a coughing happening, there is usually not much that is brought up by thins. This may be some saliva or some mucus, but this is usually swallowed. When there is vomiting that happens this will be different because everything that is in the stomach of the pet will end up on the floor.

Gagging happens when coughing is also happening. When a dog is gagging, he or she is going to open up their mouth and make a foul retching sound. However, when this is happening, there will not be anything coming out of the mouth of the dog.  There may be a little liquid but there is not going to be anything when gagging like when vomiting. When this happens there may e coughs, then gaging and then other issues. When a vet is working with you, he or she will need to know the kinds of diseases that need to be considered.


What Causes Gagging?

Gagging happens when there is an inflammation that is a part of the larynx. There are many things that cause pets to gag. You need to work with a vet to find out what it is that is causing the issue. When there is a coughing and then a gagging it is important to think about the possibilities of lower respiratory disease. When a dog is gagging first there are all kinds of possibilities of the problem of the larynx.

Two things that because issues are infectious problems as well as paralysis of the larynx. Kennel cough is one of those things as well that happen from gagging. This is infectious as well as something that sounds like a cough and then a gag. There are also more issues that could be more severe such as pneumonia.

Paralysis of the larynx is something that happens a lot in Labrador Retrievers. In this condition there are problems with the larynx and the pet no longer has any access to the airway. This also comes from a lot of panting and other issues. This is a condition that starts out without a lot of problems and gets worse over time.


When Do I Know That the Gagging is a Problem?

Just like people, when there is a problem with a pet swallowing the wrong day, it is not something to be super worried about. However, when this continues, it is a big problem. If your pet is ok you should not worry if your pet does not have any issues for about 48 hours.

If there is a problem with gagging that is going to last longer, then you need to see your vet. There are probably many problems out there that are worse than swallowing wrong. You need to look at everything else that is out there so that you are going to see if your pet is stressed. In addition to that, you need to listen to the noises that are made during breathing. You would want to have an exam as soon as possible in this situation.

When there is a problem with breathing, it is important to ensure you are taking the situation seriously. If you think that there is something that needs to be diagnosed as well.


How Can a Vet Help?

When you have an appointment, there are many things that can be important to that visit. You need to ensure that you have a complete physical for your pet. There may be an opportunity to make a tentative diagnosis and that would mean that you may be able to figure out what is wrong easily. That would require many different kinds of tests to ensure that you are checking out the issues with the pet. There may be some basic tests as well and some radiographs of the neck and the lungs.

If the vet thinks that there is some paralysis that is happening, it may be important to have a complete exam. The thing that is very helpful is that when there is a problem with choking, there are many ways to ensure that you are choosing the right treatment. When you have a dog that it choking, you are going to make it much better.





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