Five Steps to Keep Your Dog from Having Separation Anxiety

Heading Back to School: When it comes to kids and to dogs, they are always right by each other’s side. It is hard when the time to go back to school comes and pets want to be by each other’s side. It is stressful for the pet and it can make them feel very alone. What that also means is that there are a lot of behaviors that happen when they are feeling alone. Here is what you can do about it.


  1. Do Not Pay Attention to the Pup: You want to make sure that you are not paying attention to all those behaviors that are so attention seeking. If you ignore the puppy, he or she is normally going to ignore those behaviors and they will be corrected.
  2. Be Cool with Your Pet: You want to make sure that you are hiding all the cues that you are going to be leaving so that you will not allow your pet to know that you are heading out.
  3. Keep the Dog Away from the Meltdowns: Work on ensuring that your pet cannot have a full emotional response. You want to make sure that your pet cannot follow you when you leave. When you are getting ready to head out, think instead about putting your pet in the crate so that you will be able to ensure that there are no issues with this kind of behavior.
  4. Always Use Your Dog Crate: Ensure that you are confining your pet and that your family members understand that is where the dog is going to be when your family is leaving. You want to also let it spend time there on its own. This way it will not associate the time in the crate with your family leaving.
  5. Let it Be Fun: When it comes to putting the pet in the crate you want to ensure that you are going to make it fun. You want to put something like treats into the area so that the pet will always look forward to this time of day. That means that you will make this something that is predictable and looked forward to. This is a great way to get the pet to look forward to spending time with you and learn how to get your attention the right way.



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