How to Train Your New Puppy Top 10 Ways

There are many owners out there who want to have a well-trained puppy. But that means that you need to start training when your pet is young. When you start early you will find that you can have a puppy with healthy habits as well as one that will be happy and healthy in the world.


  1. Be Patient with Your Pup: When you have a puppy, you must realize that he or she is a puppy and they are going to need to learn how to fit into your home. You are going to need to be patient in order to be successful.
  2. Remember to be Consistent: You want to make sure that you are always consistent so that you are not going to confuse your puppy. That means that when you say down, you need to mean get down and not confuse it with lying down. You also want to know that everyone in the home is going to follow the same rules.
  3. Ensure You Are Clear and You Support Them: Dogs need to ensure that they have a very consistent leader. There is no need to always be the alpha dog. It is important to have very clear rules as well as many treats and you will have a pet that is on his way.
  4. Use Treats to Train: These are a great way to train your pets. You will be able to teach your pet how to do backflips when you have the right treats.
  5. Have a Replacement Theory: When you are looking for a way to stop pets from chewing on one thing, one of the best ways to do that is to give them something else to chew on. You can give your pet a dog treat that is going to be perfect for him or her to chew on. You also need to go about the process of puppy-proofing your home so that your pet will not get a hold of objects that they should not be chewing on.
  6. Ensure You Know How to Hold a Leash: One thing that is very important is making sure if you are using a leash that it is not being done too tightly. You want to make sure that you are going to learn how it should fit around the puppy’s neck.
  7. Use Dog Crates: These are important when you are home training your pet. You need to know when you are going to be around your pet and when he or she has a crate that is just for him. You will be able to teach your puppy how to restrain their bladder as well as how to behave.’
  8. Stop the Biting in the Beginning: Many new puppies will sometimes bite and mouth on the fingers and hands of their owners. It is important to make sure that you teach the pet how not to bite and instead learn how to nibble on toys.
  9. Use Discipline and Do Not Be Cruel: It is important to make sure that you are able to be kind but disciplined. To a puppy when you give it attention, it is attention even if it is negative.
  10. Be Kind and Forgiving: Remember your pet is just that an animal and it is learning. Never be cruel or unkind to a pet. Instead, always focus on finding ways to ensure that you are firm, and you are teaching the pet one item at a time. Remember that pets will make mistakes and never be too harsh on them.



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