Why You Want to Adopt a Greyhound

If you have been looking for a pet that is very low maintenance as well as loves snuggles, you want a Greyhound. You may have not thought about these dogs as being your perfect match, but you are in luck. They are very loyal, and they are big teddy bears. When you think about a Greyhound, they may not be the first pet that you are thinking about when you are adopting but you should be. Here are the top 5 reasons that they should be at the top of your list.

  1. They Are Great Pets in Any Space: Greyhounds like to lay around even though they may not seem like it. Because of this they are pretty much comfortable in any location and can be at home. They are very thin, so they just need a comfortable place to crash. Aside from this, there is nothing that you are going to need to worry about in terms of hard upkeep. Greyhounds are happy as well as they are always on the couch right next to you in anything that you may need. Greyhounds also require very minimal exercise so they are the perfect pet that will be able to be comfortable with a short walk to the dog park and then they are able to relax for the next 5 or 6 hours.
  2. Greyhounds Don’t Require A lot of Grooming: Since Greyhounds have almost no hair, they are almost no grooming. When they have their daily brushing season, the dog does not get matted and there is no issue with the fur being overgrown. There is just a quick brush that is required to ensure that your pet is good to go. Greyhounds are not in the need to be bathed often either and that is because they are able to only need a bath unless they are outside in a dirty area every 8 to 12 weeks. One thing that is important however is working to make sure that you are going to keep your pets warm.
  3. They Are Kind Dogs: These are dogs that have a sweet and kind nature and they do all that they can to show it. It is possible to see easily how they are just huge teddy bears when you are playing with them. They will also want to spend all their time at your side which will ensure that you are going to have someone to always snuggle with. They are also very quiet and docile and are perfect to be around other people. They are very sweet dogs and are great with kids as well. It is important to make sure that you are watching the way that they interact with each other, but they are going to get along well in any situation for you.
  4. They Get Along Well with Other Pets: You will be surprised at how well they are able to get along with pretty much anyone. They can learn and have fun with your kids in a way that will allow them to play and interact and have a great time across the board with everyone. They are very sweet, and they are not going to try and assert their alpha nature typically. They are good with cats as well. They will sometimes chase other animals if they are not used to them. It is important to ease your pet into a new situation and you will be very happy at how adaptable they can be, you are going to love how fast your dog is going to become friends with all your other pets.
  5. Saving a Life: When you are adopting a Greyhound, another thing that you are doing is saving a life and that is something that is super important and will continue to help you to have a new lease on life and know that you are doing something very good for others.


Greyhounds make great pets and now that dog racing has been banned in Florida there are many dogs that are looking for good homes. Think about your place and your situation and see if one of these gentle giants could be a good addition to your home. You will not regret knowing you have a great pet that will love and take care of you in the same way that you are loving and taking care of it.



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