7 Things You Need to Look Out for If You Have an Older Pet

Dogs are like people, and like us, they age at different rates. There are also great differences in different breeds depending on their size as well as on their weight.

There are many breeds that are senior by the time that they are 5-6 years old if they are large and there are other kinds of smaller dogs that live a much longer time and do not get that old until they are 10-11 years in age.


As your pet gets older, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that you are watching for changes in the senior kind. You need to ensure that you are going to the vet on a regular basis and that means around 2 times a year for your pet if it fits in the senior range. If your pet shows any of the following issues you need to work with your pet to see the best course of action right away.


  1. Eye Issues:

Have you noticed an increase in issues with your pet’s mobility? Are you seeing that your pet falls or has eye uncomfortable issues? If you are noticing that your pet has a lack of sight or other issues, you are going to notice that there may be other issues with an eye disorder of some kind. It is normal for dogs as they age to have more issues, but a loss of vision will create other long-term problems as well such as decreasing the precision of their eyesight. Even if the issue is because of aging, it is important to make sure that you are ruling out all of the issues that might be treatable and that can be improved. When you are looking at some of the issues out there such as corneal damage, dry eyes, or other problems they may be treated. Although there is no way to be able to reverse the vision of your pet, you can find ways to help your pet adjust. You can look at all of the tips out there that are going to help you with the process of vision loss.


  1. Issues with Urination

If your pet is having an issue with elimination of any kind, your pet may have a kidney issue. It is very important to look at this and also see if there is an issue with a UTI. This is more common to older dogs. Incontinence and other issues can be fixed with prescription medication and diet. That also means that there are many ways to allow you to fix your issues with a vet.


  1. Oral Issues

This may mean that your pet has bad breath or that he may require that you take him to the vet. Your pet may be showing the signs of disease and this will come from loose teeth and gum issues. Hygiene is one of those things that has to be maintained. It is never too late to help your pet change their habits. You need to take your pet to the vet and see how you can help them from having the issues moving forward.


  1. Skin Issues

Your dog may have issues with their coat at any age, but the older that your pet gets the more he is likely to have issues. The issues will show up as rashes, swelling, lumps, and many more. It can also show up as hair loss. It is important to look at this as well and see the dietary changes that may have changed in the pet. In addition to that, there are many lumps that do appear as they get older. These are called Lipomas and they are always benign they are not an issue for your pet. It is important to know when and how your pet is progressing. That means that you want to know what does and what does not pose a threat. Lumps are only an issue when they grow and when they change shape and size. Think about all of these issues so that you will know what to expect and watch your pet.


  1. Losing or Gaining Weight

When it comes to your pet you need to ensure that you are working to maintain their weight. You may want to look at other foods that are available for you and that means that you are going to be able to look at how you are going to keep your pet on the diet that they require. It is important to ensure that your pet is not too lean or too heavy. You need to watch for issues that will make your pet more susceptible to heart disease and other issues. Talk to the vet about what you need to feed them senior food and not adult food. That means that you want to ensure that you are doing all you can to maximize the health of your pet. You need to look at all of the conditions that are part of the issue with dogs who age. You should also think about ways to endure that your pet has a proper diet. When you look at all you can do to keep your pet healthy you will have more time with him or her and that will ensure the longevity of your pet. With the assistance of your vet, you are also going to be able to develop a very important routine that will help your pet stay slim.


  1. Issues with Mobility

If you have a pet that has a hard time getting around. You are going to see an increase in issues as he or she gets older. You need to look at what you can do for your pet with things like vitamins and others. You may also need to look at whether diet changes are going to be enough to help you as well. You also may need to look at adding in ramps and beds that help your pet since he is more immobile. In addition to that, you may need to think about physical rehabilitation that will allow you to reverse the process of aging some with older pets.


  1. Changes in Memory and in Behavior

Pets like people have memory issues the older that they get. You need to look out for things like dementia that are going to keep your pet from being on the top of his game. That also means that you need to look for other issues that are different for your pet as well such as pacing issues or changes in behavior.






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