How Can I Help Homeless Animals?

Saturday, August 17th was International Homeless Dog Day.  It is a day where we spread awareness of the 4 million dogs that are brought to shelters every year.  There may also be as many as 70 million homeless cats. These staggering numbers may make it seem like no one person can make a difference.  That’s not true. Your efforts can change the world for many animals and show others how much help is needed. 2 Paws Up Inc. is here with some suggestions on how we can make a difference in the lives of these animals:


Know the Facts

Educating ourselves and spreading the facts makes a huge difference.  If people don’t know about the animals in need, they can’t do anything.  Make sure the information you find comes from credible sources. Your local shelter should be a helpful source for all the pertinent information.


Consider Adoption

Shelters are always packed.  If you are considering adding to your family, adoption is a great way to go.  You save the life of the pet you bring home and the life of the animal that takes their place.  If you can’t adopt, fostering is another great option.



Taking a pet into your home is a huge responsibility.  If your house or schedule is too full to adopt, consider sponsorship.  Shelters are always in need of donations. Any amount you give will make a difference and be appreciated.


Volunteer Special Skills

Running a shelter requires that the employees wear a lot of hats.  Although they have huge hearts, they can only do so much. You may have a skill that would greatly help operations.  Photography is great for spreading the word about all the adorable animals. Maybe you’re good with your hands and can help with repairs.  Your skills can be utilized to help the humans and the animals at the shelter.


Organize a Donation Drive

You may only be one person, but we bet you know many more.  Work with your friends and family to start a donation drive.  Whether it is money or supplies, any donations will be a big help.  Talk to local businesses about making donations in exchange for advertising.  With social media, the sky’s the limit on how much you can raise.

2 Paws Up Inc. is excited about making a difference in the lives of some special animals.  We hope you are too. Remember, you’re capable of effecting wonderful change. Please continue to follow our blog and give us a call anytime you need some help.




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