How Do I Keep My Dog From Getting Lost?

Most of us lead incredibly hectic lives.  We are always on the go. If you have kids, you have probably started working as a chauffeur that never makes any money.  These busy schedules can make it difficult to keep up with our fur family. Many of us would like for them to travel with us. As long as they’re not left in the car, that’s great.  It does, however, create opportunities for escape attempts. Put this together with their natural surplus of energy, and we should all basically have a security team to keep track of them.  Since this isn’t possible, 2 Paws Up Inc. is here with some tricks to keeping track of those fur kids:


Spay or Neuter

Spaying or neutering your dog is good for their health.  Research shows that doing so can help prevent certain cancers and extend their life.  Neutering male dogs cuts down on their desire to wander to find a mate. Spaying reduces the number of dogs in your area going through heat and attracting other dogs.



Microchips have become a popular way to monitor your pets.  It is placed under the skin with a simple injection. They cannot prevent a pet from getting out.  If your pet does get out, however, anyone with a microchip scanner can see where he or she belongs and reunite them with you.


Safe Car Routine
Riding in a car safely is a skill that dogs must be taught.  We must teach them where they are supposed to sit. More importantly, he or she needs to learn when it is okay to exit the vehicle.  Teach the routine that you exit first, put the leash on if it isn’t already, and then give the command word to exit. Sit and stay should be mastered before taking this on.


Collar and Tags

Tags may seem antiquated but they are still important.  Someone might find your dog and not have a microchip scanner.  It is never a bad thing to take multiple precautions, especially with someone so valuable.  If you use a harness, find one that has a place for tags. Or you can simply use both a collar and a harness.


Call Us

Boredom and anxiety can both cause a dog to make a run for it.  Exercise can cut down on both. When you’re not home, we would love to help ensure that your pups are entertained and safe.  You can rest assured that you will arrive home to a safe and somewhat calmer pup.


We at 2 Paws Up Inc. hope you never have to experience the pain of having your pet go missing.  Hopefully, these safety measures prevent that from ever happening. Please remember that we are always here for you.  With human or fur babies, it takes a village. We would be honored to be apart of your village. Please continue to follow our blog for more pet tips.




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