The Best Dogs for an Introvert

Canine companions come is so many types and with so many different personalities that are breed associated.  An introvert is a homebody and likes to have a quiet time with tea and books and likes a laid-back chill life. Some dog breeds prefer a quiet night into an afternoon running around the dog park.

Interacting with the specific dog, you’re considering adopting or buying is necessary to make sure that this is the right dog for you. You need to see if you and the dog get along and if the dog is chill enough for you. A dog is also a long and serious commitment so choosing the wrong dog from the start can make pet ownership less than the joy it should be. As an introvert, your dog provides companionship while you are at home but can also offer a means for connecting with other when in public. For the introvert, who can find crowds and people draining and overwhelming, interacting with new people because of their dog can provide a way to create a more comfortable situation in interacting with strangers as there is already one common interest immediately, the dog.


Here are a few breeds known for thriving with an introvert:



The Newfoundland dog is a great choice for an introvert, but there is one caveat. The Newfie needs a lot of space. If you like a big cuddly canine, the gentle mellow and attentive Newfoundland is a good breed for an introvert with the space to have one. They are known as being patient and protective. Newfie’s are a massive breed that can weigh as much as 150 lbs.at full size and they need regular exercise. They are big droolers but are incredibly calm dogs.

Newfoundland facts:

Only one dog ever captured the heart of a poet, and that was serious introvert Emily Dickinson: Dickinson had a beloved Newfoundland companion named “Carlo”.

Author J.M. Barrie said that Nana the famous dog in “Peter Pan” was a Newfoundland. Somehow Nana is always shown as a St. Bernard in media that includes Nana the dog. She should be a Newfoundland.


Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is an interesting looking dog that has a blue-black tongue and looks lion-like. It is muscular and has a red or black coat and a mane of a ruff around its head. The Chow Chow is incredibly loyal and will always bond with its special person. Chow Chows are also a quiet breed not prone to barking often and attach closely to their person making them a dog an introvert can appreciate and be appreciated by a Chow Chow.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With their chocolate-hued big pop art-like eyes that melt any heart, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a silky toy dog breed that thrives as a homebody. Spaniels, especial Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one-person dogs and enjoy calm environments typically and are known for being sweet, attentive, gentle, loving dogs.

This breed has been a favorite of British aristocrats since the 19th century. There are four varieties of this breed that give them a big variance in appearance and have a rich coat. Elegant, dancer-like, and active, the Cav likes to play. The Cav is also just as happy to hang out at home sitting with its head in your lap as you read all day and long as it’s person is there at their side. Their affectionate personality and steadfast loyalty make this breed a fine introvert companion as they adapt easily to their owner’s lifestyle.



The gentle Greyhound dog is an introvert itself is a reserved dog and prefers to relax when its owners relax and are active only when its owners are. They are graceful, sleek and lean. They are also excellent with other dogs. The greyhound is known for being sensitive and affection. They love running outside and need exercise but when indoors and after a good romp is calm and gentle and attentive to their humans needs. The greyhound is a dog that needs dog park trips and a fenced in yard for it to run around it.


Shiba Inu

Small, intelligent and incredibly adaptable in lifestyle, the Shiba Inu dog breed is the most popular dog in its native Japan. This dog breed is finding increasing popularity in the US. They could be considered cat-like and have a sweet and very curious personality. Like the cat-dogs they are often considered, they are low maintenance and not demanding or wanting of excessive affection or contact. They are a breed that enjoys it’s own company, just like the introvert.  Shiba Inu’s shed a lot for a short coated dog breed and are originally hunting dogs. They are prideful and confident in how they present themselves, and they love being a companion animal. The first Shiba Inu dogs did not arrive in the US until the 1950s but did not become a recognized dog breed by the American Kennel Club until 1993. They are everywhere in Japan where they originate.



Like the mysterious hound in the Sherlock Holmes mystery “Hound of the Baskervilles,” the Basenji is the dog that doesn’t bark. The Basenji is certainly a dog that is more like a cat in behavior than a dog. Instead of barking they have a unique and quite cute yodel in an emergency situation. They are odd dogs, with wrinkled faces and ears that are always listening as well a smooth very short coat of fur. They are a more primitive breed and are not interested in pleasing people and being obsessed with their humans. For those considering a Basenji knowing how they are and their characteristics are important, as they are the least traditionally doglike of all dog breeds. They are largely silent, tidy, private, and aloof, their idea of a good time is just sitting on your lap.  Luckily for an introvert, they are also a physical breed that requires a bit more exercise than a sedentary breed. A Basenji will force an introvert to leave the house and go for a walk.


Basset Hound

With their cute short legs, super-long extra-long ears, and eyes that gaze into your soul and always look like they are about to burst into tears, the Bassett Hound is the perfect couch potato of dog breeds. They are docile, gentle and so laid back and relaxed one might want to check for a pulse in them if it were not for the fact that is was moving at times. The Bassett Hound is sweet and cuddly and incredibly stubborn and willful. They love to howl and bay and sometimes will sing along with music. They are incredibly sensitive and have big feet and a bigger heart.  They have the second most sensitive nose of all canines only second to the tracking dog the Bloodhound.

Fun Bassett Hound Trivia – A Basset Hound named Sherlock was serenaded on TV by Elvis Presley, who famously sang “[You Ain’t Nothing But A] Hound Dog” to him. Sherlock lived up to his breed standard by seeming terribly bored and unexcited. Even if happy, the Bassett is Zen-like at seeming uninterested.



The pug is solid, reliable and is an ideal pet because they do well in the city or country alike. Originally from Asia, the Pug has long enjoyed worldwide popularity. Despite being a small dog, they do not have the hyperactivity that is present in many miniatures or smaller breeds like the Chihuahua. Also the pug is very gentle and does well with people in all age groups.  They do shed and have adorable wrinkles and folds in their skin. They are wonderful dogs that love lap time or hanging out napping in a bed in a sunbeam. Pugs do snore too, but it can be adorable.

All these breeds are not the dogs that demand constant stimulation and like a diet weekend at home or lower activity-levels therefore not being a drain for an introvert.

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