The Catnip Query

Many of us humans across the country enjoy their ‘4/20’ on a frequent basis, whether it be for recreation, or for medical purposes. Its a very common thing that people across the world do. So when it comes to our feline friends, its a courtesy to let them join in too. Catnip is a part of the mint family and is a perennial herb, very comparable to marijuana. It even looks just like marijuana when dried. And for some kitties, this is one of the best stress relievers out there. We generally like to joke about catnip being drugs for cats, but actually there is some serious psychotropic science in play when it comes to your cat taking a ride on the nip train. In this article, I will discuss the different effects and affects catnip can have on your feline friend.



Even though not all cats respond to catnip the same, or at all sometimes for that matter, there are still so many ways for your cat to get a little nip. But above all, please make sure to let them try it responsibly. Better to watch over them than leave them to their own devices. Catnip takes many various forms. Most come loose in leaf form, or stuff in little toys for the cat to play with. Its also available in a  more liquid form that is concentrated from the oil within the plant. This, much like THC oils for marijuana pens, give the cat a more intense high feeling.



If your cat decides that they want to chow down on a mouth full of the nip, its very likely that they will slip into a sedated bliss mode. This is when the cat is definitely in the zone, and is more than likely seeing waterfalls with fish in the walls coming from the walls, its quite the site to see. There are many videos online documenting the effects of the nip on cats all over. Quite the interesting and entertaining watch, and gives you a sense of what could happen with your kitty cat on the nip.



Another type of kitty party favor is Nepetalactone. Its a stimulant, that when sniffed by the cat, produces a ‘high’ similar to marijuana or LSD. The trip normally lasts for about 10 minutes, and after its all said and done, the cat will generally resume their normal behavior. After which time, its good to leave the cat to rest from the catnip for a good hour to reset their sensors. Its very odd how consuming the catnip is different. Most times, when a cat eats the catnip, it acts more like a downer, subduing and mellowing the cat out. But when it is breathed in by the cat, the go absolutely berserk. This is believed to be because catnip mimics feline pheromones to trigger those receptors.



One thing to realize is not all cats will react the same to catnip. Researchers believe that the response to catnip is hereditary, a third of cats actually lack the ability to feel high from the catnip. And for cat as well, the ones that do have the gene that allows them to, until they are at least six months old, they won’t even be able to be affected by the catnip. So getting that catnip ball for the itty bitty kitty is probably counter productive until they’re a bit older.




Thought catnip, in and of itself is harmless for kitties, its also really important to not allow cats to overdo the catnip. If the cat partakes on to frequent of use, they can lose the ability to get any sensation from it all together. Best to save the kitty party time for every so often, and keep the high quality stuff for longer by stashing it away in a tightly sealed container in a cool place. That way you preserve its freshness. The reason most cats decide to rub the catnip all over their body and face, rather than smell or ingest it, is because they are attempting to release the more addictive nepetalactone manna. Its a bit like grinding up marijuana before smoking it, or massaging kale leaves with olive oil before making a salad so you pull out the flavor and oils.



Physically, when cats are open catnip, its very common to see their eyes get all bugged out, frantic rolling in the hay, as it were. Brief, and hilarious, disorientation and very odd and audible meows. The good thing about catnip, is that its all natural. So technically, the cats can’t actually overdose on it. You can even grow this (legally) yourself for your cats in your kitchen, on the windowsill or  in the yard, for a lucky surprise for your outdoor cat. The only thing that might happen if your kitty decides to go on a bender, sneaking into the secret stash, is that they puke it up after having too much. Maybe even some uncomfortable diarrhea for a while. But after that, back to normal. Think of it as a messier human hangover.


So, though catnip is highly effective when it comes to getting the kitty cats on that next level of existence, humans can’t experience the high that cats do. Catnip doesn’t effect us at all. So feel free to give your kitty cat a little occasional treat and sit back and relax while the cat in your life takes a fantastic voyage.









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