There are tons of pet owners out there who love their pets, and then there are those pet owners who thinks that fluffy understands what the holidays are. But to most, giving a gift to a pet is more about telling the pet how much you love them. The average person spends about $60-$80 on their pets around the holiday season, and for those who do those small things for their pets, they want to give that special furball in their life the best. For those people wanting to do the most for their little angel, here are some gift items that could make that pet of yours smile.


Sport Your Pet In A Dog Sweater

For the smaller pet owner with that dog who shivers in the cold, Dog Sweaters are a great gift. Something to hug the little pup at all times and keep them warm. Many people buy pet clothes for their animals, and for the most part, they accept the gift. But some pets are just not having it. For those pets, it’s probably wise to go another route. But Dog Sweaters are a practical gift for your small dog that could mean a difference.


What’s In My Kitty Gift Basket?

Got that kitty that you want to spoil rotten? Well, how about a gift basket full of Cat Treats and Toys. Sure, they’ll just probably perch on the arm of the couch, judging you, as you foolishly present this array of food and then decide when they’ll partake in your gift giving. But for the avid cat lover, this is a perfect gift to sooth the finicky beast. Another good kitty gift is washable wool felt Cat Caves. These are great for cats to relax in, or hide in to stalk unsuspecting toes passing by. Either way, your feline friend will enjoy this special treat just for them.


Thundershirt For My Dog

Sometimes you have that special pet that is very quick to run and hide during a thunderstorm. These animals require special care an love during mother natures bad times. A Thunder Shirt is a fantastic way to show them that you care about their well being. These special sweaters hold the pet in tight and make it feel like they are getting a tight warm hug at all times, and generally soothes their anxiety. Out of all the items I’ll speak on here, this one is by far the one I think is most practical for your pet.


The Perfect Pet Bed

Pets love having soft places to curl up and nap. Finding the perfect bedding can show that special companion how you feel. One of the better brands of pet beds is Louis Pet Beds. They can be pricey, ranging in the upper $200’s, but for that happy pet, it could be well worth it. Other brands are as good for less, but that’s where you have to put in the work and do your research on the brands.


Do You Lick Your Cat? Then There Is A Perfect Brush For You

Is pet dander a serious issue for you? Having to brush pet hair off of clothes and furniture constantly. Are you a pet owner that loves your animal so much you would want to lick their cat as well? It may sound strange, but if this sounds like you, what you need is the Licki Brush. It is mutually enjoyable for both the pet lover and the pet. Its a brush shaped like a tongue that you hold in your mouth and use to ‘lick’ the loose fur from the animal. It’s a good way to bond with your cat and show them affection while keeping their fur dander free.


An Alternative To Traveling With Your Cat

Ever want to take your cat with you on a trip, but hate the idea of keeping them in a cage? Well, letting them roam free in the car can be dangerous, but not with the Kurgo Auto Zipline. With this zip-line-style harness, it allows your pet to roam about in your back seat and stay safe. Its good for the restless kitty and keeps your cat happy and free.


Give Your Cat An Aquarium Tree

Ever wanted to get a tree for your pet, but they knock it over instead? Well getting them an Aquarium tree may be the answer. The tree is like a standard fish tank in the shape of a tree that can keep your kitty cat entertained for hours. The Aquarium tree comes completely festive and even with the ability to add ornaments. One of the more eccentric of the pet toys, but a fun one to get for that special kitty in your life.







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