If you are familiar with Atlanta, GA, you know it has become a huge mecca for all things entertainment. And as such, this city has begun to grow and grow. For the pet owner, finding a good place to walk your little companion that isn’t too crowded or overpopulated can be a hard task. Pups love to walk and sniff and run, so in that respect, here are a few places around town that might suit your furry friend well, while you enjoy the fresh air.


Atlanta Sweetwater Creek Trails

The first stop on our trail tour of Atlanta is Sweetwater Creek Trails. It’s about two to six miles long and extremely dog-friendly. There are many different lengths an difficulty for each trail, and you can also hike and swim. It has tons of lush forest landscapes, a beautiful rushing whitewater-filled creek. Sweetwater Creek Trails is just outside Atlanta’s perimeter and very easy to get to. Enjoy a day with your pet; you won’t be disappointed.


Arabia Mountain Trails

Next up on our list is Arabia Mountain Trails. This site is very historic and vast. Stretching up to 30 miles around the entire mountain, its given way to several independent film projects and festivals. But many people use the mountain for hiking, exercise, and above all, walking their pets. Its wide-open expanses of granite and beautiful lush meadows and sparkling lakes offer hours of enjoyment for any dog-friendly adventure.


Morningside Nature Preserve

Something for the shorter distance is Morningside Nature Preserve. In the heart of Atlanta, this sandy beach on South Peachtree Creek, tucked inside Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood, has become affectionately known as ‘dog beach.’ The stretch of the trail is 2 miles and has a beautiful nature walk bridge to oversee the scenic creek and forest. Its a great place for a quick, lush walk for your pup, or a place to relax and enjoy nature.


Cochran Shoals to Sope Creek

Cochran Shoals to Sope Creek is a fantastic 8.5 mile stretch of lush green forest, trails, and bridges spanning the glorious park. Full of drinking fountains to top off your pets water bowl, dog- friendly trails and a refreshing swimming hole at Sope Creek. It spans two of the Chattahoochee River parks and has a historic Civil War Mill to explore and soak up some sun and history.


Rottenwood Creek is West Palisades Trail at Paces Mill Park

On the sandy shores of Rottenwood Creek is West Palisades Trail at Paces Mill Park. This beautiful haven offers a brisk and scenic 3.6-mile journey into the paved and dirt trails of the Chattahoochee River and lush, beautiful forest backdrop. This is perfect for a good hike with your pup and then stop for a brisk mid-hike swim. You and your furry friend will have a blast.


Kennesaw Mountain Cheatham Hill/Knob Farm Loop

Another historic site is Kennesaw Mountain Cheatham Hill/Knob Farm Loop. This 5.8-mile destination offers beautiful dirt and sandy trails, very easy on the paws, and a beautiful fountain with a built-in dog bowl, perfect for quenching that doggy thirst. Enjoy the historic Civil War battlefields of the nearby Kennesaw Mountain, and a hike along the lush meadows and forests. A perfect afternoon stroll or morning jog with you and your pooch.


Henry Mill Falls Trail at Cochran Mill Park

Just south of Atlanta is Henry Mill Falls Trail at Cochran Mill Park. A beautiful 5.2-mile stretch is giving way to a breathtaking waterfall at the trailhead. The majority of the trail follows alongside the creekside of Bear Creek. Perfect for an afternoon with you and your pup. Come out and dip a toe in, or have a brisk swim with you and your four-legged friend.


Vickery Creek Trail

Continuing our historic park trend, Vickery Creek Trail offers over 5 miles of trails through lush pine and hardwood forest. A covered bridge leading to two Civil War-era mills and a towering, beautiful Waterfall. Take a rest in their cozy hammock village and enjoy a dip in the beautiful spillway and sandy beach. A perfect little midday retreat and a bit of heritage to boot.


Homestead Trail at Red Top Mountain

Atlanta is home to many a trail, but the Homestead Trail at Red Top Mountain is so lush and vast, you could get lost in its 5.3 miles of forest and meadows. With its beautiful calm lake sure, its a water dog’s dream. Take a day to venture to the north of Atlanta and enjoy this beautiful site. And see if you can find the chimney of whats left of an old homestead from days of yesteryear.


Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

One last stop on our park tour of Atlanta is the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve. A short hike of 1.9 miles, but worth the visit. Southwest of Atlanta and the site of a one of Civil War battle, a photo-worthy historical, stone, spring house, with natural springs and a small waterfall provide hours of fun in the cool shady forest retreats. A quick escape from the city bustle.


Check out these fantastic locations for you and your pup to enjoy the day. These are just a few, but Atlanta has SO MUCH MORE. Check them out; you won’t be sorry you did.







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